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India in the Secular Era

A satirical take on the future which may India may see

Newspaper draws piggy bank to show ISIS funding, Muslim groups attack it as pig is “unislamic”

Marathi newspaper Lokmat wrote an article on how ISIS receives funding. It received attacks and an FIR.

Pakistan is the original “Islamic State”, much before ISIS: Tarek Fatah at India Ideas Conclave 2015

Tarek Fatah tears into the Idea of Pakistan - an idea that is incompatible with modern democracy.

An open letter by a cop to those opposing death penalty to Yakub

A police officer writes how "adarsh liberals" are going on the wrong path over Yakub Memon issue.

Salman Rushdie slaps his Adarsh Liberal parody account hard on Twitter

A parody account of Salman Rushdie was reduced to being political sloganeering, Rushdie couldn’t take it anymore.

Private company rejects a candidate because of his religion, this is not the first case

A youth in Mumbai is denied employment because of his religion. This is not the first time when public institutions have discriminated people based on their religion

Anupam Kher’s reply which Firstpost did not publish

Anupam Kher responds to an article published in Firstpost, which blamed Kashmiri Pandits for their own troubles.

Rana Ayyub – the Ace Detective CBI never had

UK has Sherlock, we have Rana Ayyub

Is a community under attack? Or a Prime Minister?

Are the "repeated attacks on Christians" a conspiracy to defame the country and the PM?

Prashant Bhushan exposes the truths of AAP – A TL;DR

A series of allegations by Prashant Singh tarnishing the image of AAP

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