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Jawed Habib Haircut

Jawed Habib’s company CEO defends spitting on woman’s hair, says it was meant to make people laugh during seminar

CEO Venkata Ravi has said that demonstrations and protests before their salons cause a financial loss to their franchise partners.

‘Response doesn’t appear like an apology’: NCW summons Jawed Habib to appear before it regarding ‘Thook haircut video’

NCW has asked celebrity hairstylist Jawed Habib to appear before the commission in person on January 11 at 12:30 pm for his viral video of spitting on a woman

Thook haircut viral video: Jawed Habib says he spat on the woman’s hair to make the seminar humorous

"If you are hurt by my actions, then, forgive me. Saying 'sorry' from the bottom of my heart," Jawed Habib was heard saying.

Case registered against Jawed Habib in Muzaffarnagar for spitting on the hair of a woman while teaching hairstyling

Muzaffarnagar Police said that a case has been registered against Jawed Habib after video of him spitting on hair of a woman went viral

‘There’s life in this spit’: Jawed Habib caught spitting on woman’s hair during a haircut, NCW takes note

A video of Jaweb Habib spitting on a woman in Uttar Pradesh while cutting her hair has caused outrage on social media.

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