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Delhi Police rubbishes media reports claiming a car hit 17 people offering Namaz on Eid

Media reports of 17 people being injured in the incident have been categorically denied by the Delhi police.

Match Preview – India vs South Africa: India plays their first while SA have lost both their opening games

After a long wait, Kohli's men finally start their World Cup campaign against South Africa, which desperately needs a win.

The ‘liberals’ are not introspecting, just angry and upset that their propaganda is failing

None of them are really saying that their beliefs were based on some wrong or outdated principles that need to be discarded.

Did you know why India is playing its first game so late?

Why is the most marketable team in the cricket arena playing a match after six days from the day tournament started?

Former TMC MLA Manirul Islam offers to quit BJP after protests against his induction in the party last week

TMC MLA Manirul Islam, who had joined BJP last week, offers to quit party due to protests by BJP workers against him

Name of Sitaram Kesri, not a favourite of Sonia Gandhi, missing from Congress’ official website as former party president

Sitaram Kesri was reportedly locked up in the bathroom at Congress headquarters in Akbar Road so he could not stop Sonia from entering the office with her supporters to take over as party president.

Arvind Kejriwal should refund Rs 5,700 crore ‘extra tax’ to the exchequer

Delhi government should explain why they are extorting Rs 38,000 more in form of fees from the exchequer

This tweet of Arvind Kejriwal predicting Amit Shah as Home Minister has come back to haunt him

Amit Shah is the new Home Minister and BJP supporters can't stop mocking AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal

Daughter of Pulwama martyr invited for new Modi government’s swearing-in ceremony

Payal Santra, daughter Pulwama martyr Babul Santra invited for the new Modi govt's swearing-in ceremony

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