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Pakistan economic crisis

8,000 flour bags stolen during Ramzan amid severe economic crisis in Pakistan, four government officials booked

Pakistan has been facing severe economic crisis and various places in Pakistan are having wheat flour shortage such that government is providing subsidised flour to poor.

US think tank: Pakistan needs to pay $77.5 billion in external debt; risk of default ‘real’

Pakistan needs to repay a massive USD 77.5 billion in external debt from April 2023 to June 2026.

Pakistan: Stampede during free flour distribution leaves 11 people dead in Punjab

Police have been accused of spreading mayhem at the centres by manhandling and baton-charging people who were waiting in long queues, according to reports in Pakistani media.

Amidst supply chain disruptions Honda announces plant shutdown in Pakistan

It is notable that several companies in various sectors have stopped production in a cash-strapped Pakistan as they ran out of raw materials or foreign exchange and in some cases both.

Pakistan: Country prepares for a fresh round of price rise in Ramadan 2023 as govt increases taxes

The general sales tax (GST) and federal excise duty were both raised by the government of the country on Wednesday, making customers' woes even worse.

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