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Rajendra Gudha

Sonia Gandhi’s alleged brother received special treatment from Gehlot govt: New revelation from Lal Diary by former Congress minister Rajendra Gudha

According to the diary, Sonia Gandhi's alleged brother came to the wedding event in Jaipur for whom an appointment had been requested from the Chief Minister's OSD, Shashikant Sharma.

Rajasthan police raids house of sacked Congress minister Rajendra Gudha after ‘Red Diary’ controversy erupted

Rajasthan police arrived at the house of former Minister Rajendra Gudha to investigate an alleged POCSO Act case against him.

Rajasthan’s sacked minister Rajendra Gudha reads out pages from the red diary, CM Gehlot’s son, his PA and alleged transactions in RCA find mention

Gudha has claimed that in these pages Rathore, a close aide of the CM, has mentioned transactions with the CM's son and RCA secretary Bhavani Samota, among others.

My “Red Diary” contains all the information about corruption in Rajasthan under Ashok Gehlot government: Sacked Congress minister Rajendra Gudha

Rajendra Gudha claims that the red diary is jam-packed with facts and proof of Ashok Gehlot and his son's wrongdoings during his term as the chief minister of Rajasthan.

‘Rajasthan number 1 in crime against women’: Ex-Minister Rajendra Gudha refuses to apologise for his remarks on women’s safety, was earlier sacked by Congress

Former minister Rajendra Singh Gudha was sacked by Congress for admitting failure of Rajasthan govt in ensuring women's safety.

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