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Sanjay Gandhi

‘Immense damage to humanity’: Elon Musk on Paul Ehrlich’s ‘Population Bomb’ ideas, Sanjay Gandhi’s forced sterilization of Indians during Emergency

As per reports, the institutions like Ford and Rockfeller Foundation had played a key role in carrying out the forced sterilizations in India. The USA, the country that lectures non-stop about human rights and democracy today, was on board with this program.

National Herald and the crooked history of Congress leadership

The moment Gustaakh-e-Rasool (Insult to the Prophet) armies were removed from the streets, Gustaakh-e-Rahul (Insult to Rahul) fanatics hit the roads.

Emergency Files: Inside Sanjay Gandhi’s ‘beautification drive’ that bulldozed unauthorized settlements in Old Delhi

In Sanjay Gandhi's Delhi Beautification Drive, a total of 70,000 people were displaced from slums and commercial properties in mere 21 months

Ambika Soni, who declined offer to become Punjab CM, was Sanjay Gandhi’s aide during Emergency, oversaw his programmes including compulsory sterilisation

Coomi Kapoor narrated how her husband Virendra was put under arrest on November 1, 1975, for challenging the authority of Ambika Soni

“Pilot’s imagination isn’t blocked by roads, railway lines,” and other gems of Rahul Gandhi in this bizarre monologue where he blames his uncle for...

"It is easy to kill yourself," Rahul Gandhi says about how his uncle Sanjay Gandhi died because he had similar flying hours as Rahul Gandhi does now

Madhya Pradesh: Congress govt withdraws sterilisation circular amid ‘Emergency 2’ backlash, sacks NHM official

This diktat issued by Congress' Kamal Nath led government in Madhya Pradesh was seen as a stark reminder of the horrors of Indira Gandhi-led Emergency by many.

Congress-led MP govt issues Emergency-like diktat, health staff asked to bring one man for sterilisation or lose job

Congress' Kamal Nath-led Madhya Pradesh government has now issued orders to the health staff to bring one man for sterilisation or they stand to lose their jobs.

Lies, deceit and threat: Read how Indira and Sanjay Gandhi pulled off the Maruti scam

Indira Gandhi and her government had gone out of the way to facilitate Sanjay's Maruti scam. At every stage, rules were bent, officials were threatened and coerced into catering to Sanjay Gandhi's whims.

How Jawaharlal Nehru used Indian Navy assets not just for vacation, but to ‘pay respects’ to Edwina Mountbatten after she died

The tradition to use Navy assets for their personal use was not started by Rajiv Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru had pioneered this abhorrent culture.

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