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sharjeel imam

The Left, liberals and opposition political parties must take responsibility for Gulshan who started shooting in Jamia

A person whose Facebook profile identifies him as 'Rambhakt Gulshan' started shooting near Jamia

How Sharjeel Imam’s girlfriend helped them nab him according to Delhi police: Here is all you need to know

Delhi Police claims Sharjeel Imam’s girlfriend helped police in his arrest by calling him out of his hideout to meet her

Shaheen Bagh mastermind and The Wire columnist Sharjeel Imam’s seditious speech well planned, he has no regrets: Delhi Police

The Delhi Police interrogation of Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam has revealed that Imam is highly radicalised and believes that India should be an Islamic state.

Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam sent to five days of police custody by Delhi Court

Delhi court sends JNU student Sharjeel Imam to 5 days of police custody after he was arrested under several charges

Sharjeel Imam: Are liberals preparing us to accept Bharat ke Tukde?

Sharjeel Imam, the Shaheen Bagh mastermind and The Wire columnist is now a “Scholar”. “Activist”.

Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam brought to Delhi, to be investigated by Anti-terror unit

As per reports, Delhi's Anti-terror unit will investigate the nexus between arrested JNU student Sharjeel Imam and anti-India elements.

Swara Bhaskar shares stage with Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam who called for cutting North East from India

In December, Bollywood entertainer Swara Bhaskar had been to Shaheen Bagh protests where she shared stage with Sharjeel Imam, accused of sedition.

JNU Students’ Union condemns Shaheen Bagh protest mastermind Sharjeel Imam’s arrest, labels it ‘Islamophobia’

JNUSU condemns Shaheen Bagh mastermind Sharjeel Imam’s arrest, claims that BJP wants to 'criminalize' Muslims.

Into the Islamist’s mind: The role of educated Muslims in Sharjeel Imam’s ‘Plan of Action’

Sharjeel Imam, the mastermind of the Shaheen Bagh protest, has been arrested from Bihar's Jehanabad by the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police.

#ReleaseSharjeelImam trends on Twitter as radicals demand Shaheen Bagh mastermind be released after he was arrested for his seditious speech

Radicals took to Twitter to trend '#ReleaseSharjeelImam' to extend their support to Shaheen Bagh mastermind over his seditious speech.

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