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Reports emerge about possible unsafe food served at Indira Canteens.
Making a gross anti-Hindu statement, Siddaramaiah said he is afraid of people who put Kumkum on their forehead.
The Congress-JDS coalition has been a ride full of turmoil and mistrust. Many of the senior Congress MLAs have reportedly being upset over denial of cabinet berths and lucrative posts.
The sword keeps hanging over the fragile Congress-JDS alliance in Karnataka as 4 rebel Congress MLAs continue to skip the budget session.
The Congress government headed by Siddaramaiah had recommended for a separate religion tag for 'Lingayat'
Ignoring core voters and sticking to Vikas will result in BJP's defeat
Does Rahul Gandhi share Siddaramiah's idea that Southern states are subsidising the Northern India?
Urban governance has hit new lows under Congress
BJP has hurled another allegation of minority appeasement against Congress in Karnataka
Karnataka government has unveiled a design for its official state flag
BJP has been alleging Siddaramiah government of misuse of state machinery to snoop on political opponents
The government officials refused to furnish fake documents

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