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Sweden: Activist Salwan Momika, who had earlier burnt Quran, now steps on Quran and waves Israeli flag in front of Islamists

On June 28 this year, the Swedish Police gave Salwan Momika permission to burn the Quran at a demonstration outside the largest mosque in Stockholm.

Sweden: Violent clashes erupt during cultural event after two groups of Eritrean immigrants come face to face in Stockholm, dozens injured

An Eritrea theme cultural festival organised in a Stockholm suburb turned into a war zone on Thursday after thousands of anti-Eritrea government protestors stormed the event

Sweden: After Quran burning, requests filed to burn Torah outside the Israeli embassy in Stockholm

Police in Stockholm received three new applications to burn religious texts in public, including a Torah and Bible.

Sweden: Man shreds and burns Quran outside a mosque in Stockholm on Eid holiday after court grants permission

A man shredded and burned a copy of the Quran outside Stockholm's central mosque on Wednesday.

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