Monday, July 22, 2024


street violence

‘Republics are always saved on the street, not inside parliaments’: Yogendra Yadav says his hopes are on ‘resistance movements’ to “save the Republic”

Yogendra Yadav, who has been a perennial protester against the Modi government, added that the message today to anyone who wants to stand up to this government, is they're going down, inko to dekh lenge. 

Ram Navami organisers asked to change routes outside mosques: How courts are legitimising ‘Muslim area’ argument instead of fighting street veto

The courts in the country must fight the street veto held by Islamists instead of humouring their demands and legitimising the 'Muslim area' contention.

Here’s what Islamists have achieved with their veto on street violence: 5 prominent instances

Islamists have long mastered the use of street violence to bend the government of the day to their will and further their interests.

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