Friday, May 14, 2021



Pakistan PM Imran Khan again piggybacks on Congress, this time to attack RSS at the UNGA

India's political opponents have always given enough material to Pakistan which they have lapped up to advance their nefarious propaganda against India

Would PM Imran Khan deny that he was an open defender of Osama bin Laden? India questions Imran Khan in Right to Reply at...

First Secretary MEA Vidisha Maitra, while using India's Right to Reply against Pakistan PM Imran Khan's anti India rant at UNGA said that his threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinkmanship and not statesmanship.

India to use Right to Reply against Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s anti-India rant at UNGA

The Right to Reply means the right of a country to defend itself against criticism at the same venue where it was made. 

PM Modi skips Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s speech at the UNGA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, did not mention Pakistan even once but focused firmly on terrorism

Watch: PM Modi addresses the UNGA session in New York

PM Modi at UNGA session in New York

Pakistani minorities launch massive protests in New York ahead of Imran Khan’s UNGA speech

Mohajirs are the Muslim immigrants belonging to multiple ethnic groups who had migrated to Pakistan from various parts of India.

Pakistan invites permanent members of the UNSC to inspect terror camps to prove India’s claims are ‘baseless’

On Thursday, ahead of the UNGA session in New York, Pakistan offered the diplomats of P-5 countries to visit the terror camps to prove they don't exist

PM Modi to address UNGA session in New York today, to speak before Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Modi will address the UNGA session in New York on Friday, 27th September.

Pakistani media invents a fictitious Imran Khan – Vladimir Putin meeting at a fictitious dinner hosted by Donald Trump

Pakistani media says Imran Khan met Vladimir Putin in New York during UNGA, but Putin has skipped UNGA

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