Wednesday, September 22, 2021



Is Twitter India shadowboxing with Congress to appear ‘neutral’ after its bias got called out?

Twitter India's little stunt with Congress could be a prelude to taking such steps against BJP leaders and non-left Twitter handles ahead of high stakes elections in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat and eventually 2024 General Elections.

Congress’ claims its official Twitter account locked out after party violates POCSO Act by revealing rape victim’s identity

While Congress is crying foul that the accounts are locked under government pressure, the are conveniently forgetting that they were in violation of POCSO Act which prohibits revealing identity of the minor rape victim.

Twitter updates privacy policy, to record audio conversations on Twitter Spaces for reviewing violations

Interestingly, one of the new updates rolled out by Twitter is related to its social audio product Twitter Spaces. Twitter Spaces - an social audio space is meant to enable voice-based conversations among its users. The company has now explained on how it uses this data.

UP: Police deny hammering nails on culprit’s hand and leg, say wounds are self-inflicted to evade arrest

The UP Police said the accused Ranjit is on the run ever since he misbehaved with the police officials on May 24. He was earlier arrested in 2019 for breaking temple idols.

Covid-19 protocols go for a toss as people flock markets just ahead of Eid

Social distancing was given a complete miss across cities in Telangana, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

Uttar Pradesh: Covid protocols, govt restrictions ignored at the funeral of Islamic leader in Badaun

Hundreds of people were seen participating in the funeral of cleric Qazi Hazrat Abdul Hameed Mohammed Salimul Qadri at Badaun, UP.

Canada politician allegedly flouts visa norms by attending Punjab farmers protests at Kundli border: Read details

Despite warning, Canadian politicians continue to interfere in India's domestic matters.

Iran executes a journalist on the charges of inciting and aiding the 2017 protests against the Iranian government

Journalist Rohullah Zam was accused of helping govt protests against Iran govt by sharing timings of protests on his website and telegram channel

Mask violators to compulsorily serve at COVID-19 community centres: Gujarat High Court directs State to issue notice

The Gujarat High Court observed that monetary fines were not a sufficient enough deterrence for people to conform to COVID-19 guidelines and protocols

Danish Pension Fund blacklists China, to pull out investments worth €54 million over human rights violations

Danish pension fund AkademikerPension pulling out its investments from China due to suppressing dissenting voices &violating human rights

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