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The Congress party reduces women empowerment to a caricature on International Women’s Day

The Congress Party has time and again displayed in the past the sheer disconnect with the ground realities of India. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the official twitter handle of the the Congress Party decided to conduct a poll that asked women to state how they planned to celebrate the day. The options were ‘drinking what you love’ (an obvious allusion to alcohol), ‘laughing out loudly’ (an allusion the time when Renuka Chaudhary was mocked for laughing hysterically during Narendra Modi’s speech in the Parliament), ‘late night loitering’ and ‘all of the above’.

One can truly appreciate the depravity of the times we live in when one realizes that equality between the sexes has been interpreted as women consuming alcohol, laughing hysterically on occasions that demand seriousness, with no consideration for proper etiquette, and loitering on the streets. When so many campaigns are run to discourage people from consuming alcohol, the largest opposition party in the country thinks it is appropriate to celebrate women consuming alcohol. Of course, women should have the liberty to consume alcohol should they choose to, however, it is highly reprehensible that a political party thinks consuming alcohol is an integral feature of women empowerment.

The extent to which the priorities of modern feminists are misplaced can be truly gauged by their utter lack of concern for the poor women and the downtrodden for whom mere survival is an ordeal. The housewife, the mother, the ordinary working woman does not consider any of the priorities of the feminists as essential for them. Crores of women have received free LPG connections through the Ujwala Yojana of the NDA government, millions of free electricity connections are being provided to families, criminals are being eliminated at a rapid pace by the Uttar Pradesh government under Yogi Adityanath. So, who has done more for women empowerment? Modern feminists who constantly whine on social media because their feelings have been hurt or these ‘Patriarchal Hindu males’?

The social media cell of the Congress Party insinuates that women will somehow throw the shackles set on them by Patriarchy by consuming alcohol, laughing like maniacs and loitering on the streets. Well, I am not sure about throwing off shackles but they will certainly be harming their liver, considered by everyone around them as an ill-mannered brat and waste a considerable amount of time which could have otherwise been spent in more productive pursuits. And really, women are not banned from consuming alcohol. They can still drink should they choose to. But what exactly is the Congress party trying to achieve by presenting the consumption of alcohol as a noble pursuit? Everyone who drinks alcohol would agree with me when I say that consumption of alcohol is not something to be encouraged, for men or women and that consuming alcohol to celebrate Women’s Day or ‘Fight the Patriarchy’ is stupid at best and an indication of psychological instability at worst.

The official twitter handle of the Karnataka unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party strongly condemned the Congress’ tweet.

Of course, people were not pleased either with the Congress party and let their opinions known on social media.

The Congress Party has become immensely disconnected with the aspirations, ambitions and the concerns of our countrymen. What perhaps makes this poll worse, is that the Congress’ social media pursuits are run by a woman, Divya Spandana. The one credited with the nonexistent “revival of Rahul Gandhi” on Social Media. The one who has been hailed as a symbol of woman empowerment. For her to condone reducing woman empowerment to such caricatural proportions is shameful.

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