TMC begins vulture politics to ignite Assam vs Bengal divide after Tinsukia terror attack

These days, whenever there is death or destruction anywhere in the country, there is always a liberal waiting to see if it can be used to create a divide among the people of India.

Last night around 8:30 pm about 30 km from Tinsukia town in Upper Assam, in a horrifying terrorist attack, with five Hindu Bengalis were lined up and shot dead.


Prominent Assamese journalists known for their “liberal and secular” credentials were on the case instantly, dropping hints about the politics around the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

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These days, whenever there is death or destruction anywhere in the country, there is always a liberal waiting to see if it can be used to create a divide among the people of India.

It could even be a natural disaster, such as floods in Kerala. Liberals will find a way to divide. And the birds of the ecosystem are known for their keen ability to identify the smell of death.

This is a terrorist attack, suspected to have been carried out by ULFA. Is it too much to ask that liberals stay away from the politics of dividing people when a terrorist attack happens?

Forget about petty journalists. The elected CM of Bengal waded right into the matter, playing the ethnic hatred card right away.


From Day 1, Mamata Banerjee has been trying to project the NRC issue as some kind of ethnic conflict between Assamese and Bengali people of India. It is not. It is simply a matter of illegal immigrants who have wrongfully settled inside our borders. And whether the illegal immigrants have struck roots in India or been here for generations does not matter. They must go.

In public discourse, we need to have absolute clarity over the situation with illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. And I believe I can speak with some extra passion on this matter being a Bengali myself.

We had a Partition back in 1947. We did not ask for that Partition. The people on the other side asked for it. They got their separate country, their “land of the pure.” They need to respect that and stay on their side. We don’t owe them anything now.

But, from elected Chief Ministers to the PIL mafia, the liberal ecosystem, its leaders, enablers and handlers have been trying to confuse the public over illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

This is how the liberal ecosystem works. Who was running this country when hordes of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh came flooding into Assam? It was the great Bharat Ratna Prime Ministers of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.

Naturally, the huge influx unnerved the people of Assam. There was violence everywhere. But the Congress had nothing to worry about. Remember that back in the day, it must have been super easy for illegal immigrants from Bangladesh to infiltrate the electoral rolls. Who do you think got their votes?

Then, in 1985, Rajiv Gandhi reached an agreement with the leaders of the Assam movement, known as the “Assam Accord.”

First of all, the Assam Accord of 1985 was in itself an unfair compromise into which the people of Assam were forced. The Accord legalized all foreigners who had entered Assam before a certain cutoff date in 1971. For the rest of India, that date is set at Jan 26, 1950, or the first Republic Day.

For the people of Assam, the upside of the Assam Accord was that the government would create the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

But the NRC promise was never kept. Not until the BJP government came to power in Assam in May 2016!

And now the liberal & secular ecosystem is opposing the NRC. They say it’s been too long since the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh have been here. That it’s some kind of humanitarian issue!

Who betrayed the people of Assam repeatedly from 1950 to 2016? The ‘liberals’ and their leaders did!

Who delayed the NRC from 1985 to 2016? The ‘liberals’ did!

Who now wants the illegal immigrants to stay for humanitarian reasons? The ‘liberals’ do!

Who will get the votes if these illegal immigrants are naturalized as citizens of India? The ‘liberals’ and their beloved Congress!

In fact, they don’t even stop there. Mamata Banerjee now intends to milk the sense of hurt and grievance among Assamese people to get more votes from Bengalis for the TMC!

At each stage, one generation of secular leaders betrays the people of this country. And the next generation finds a way to recycle this betrayal into political gains for themselves.

Now you see why the Statue of Unity bothered them so much.

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