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Pritish Nandy shows how low one man’s IQ can fall due to hate, finds GST a ‘sin tax’

GST is a good and service tax and unfortunately, stupidity has not yet been included in GST slabs. In essence, Pritish Nandy is free to mouth-off 'sinful' platitudes as much as he wants.

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Nupur J Sharma
Editor, since October 2017

The Goods and Service Tax has become a boogeyman for the opposition and “intellectuals” who think Rahul ‘comes of age’ repeatedly, every few months. While the Congress had oppressed India with a whopping 31% indirect tax, the GST and especially the recent rate-slash on several items that benefit the middle-class has sent the band of clowns in a state of free-fall.

The Congress, for example, opposed the rate-cut tooth and nail. This is the same Congress whose President Rahul Gandhi was sliding his sleeves up in every election rally and calling GST “Gabbar Singh Tax”. The Congress specifically opposed the rate slash on 7 items that would benefit the middle-class. The out-on-bail Prince, who has suddenly found his conscience and has started talking about the interest of the people of India, deemed fit to oppose a tax cut.

While most of us were just about coming to terms with Congress’ stupendous double-speak, Rahul’s motley bunch of trick-turners decided to overshadow Rahul’s asininity by sounding even more ludicrous.

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Pritish Nandy decided to display just how low one man’s IQ can possibly fall when one starts supporting Rahul Gandhi.

In a ridiculous tweet, Nandy said that he finds GST offensive. He said that the State is deciding what is “good for us” and what is “sinful”.

The enormity of the stupidity is mostly confounding. GST is a consolidated indirect tax. The government is certainly not deciding what one should eat, wear etc or what is supposed to be considered a “sin”. The GST simply puts a higher tax rate on luxury items and lower tax rates on necessities. So if you want to cruise around in a Lamborghini, you pay a higher tax compared to when, say, you want to buy Italian pasta. One would imagine at least this would sit well with Rahul Gandhi supporters, but one would be wrong.

This is not the first time that Modi baiters have travelled to the depths of moronery to pull out a hail mary argument.

Just like Pritish Nandy, Nidhi Razdan of NDTV had once wondered why the government should decide what temperature people’s air conditioner should be set to. Only, the government hadn’t done anything of the sort. The government had merely asked the manufacturers to set 24 degrees as the default setting. Government sleuths were not planning to raid people’s homes just as tired environmentalists, for example, was about to reach out for the remote and reduce the temperature to a nice, chilly 18 degrees.

Similarly, this government is merely deciding the tax one must pay on different goods. One can buy 10 luxury cars if one is willing to, and has the means to pay the taxes on it. Perhaps Pritish Nandy, just like Nidhi, thought that government agencies were going to keep an eye on everyone’s home to check the cars they drive, the food they eat or the temperature they set their AC to.

Either way, GST is a good and service tax and unfortunately, stupidity has not yet been included in GST slabs. In essence, Pritish Nandy is free to mouth-off ‘sinful’ platitudes as much as he wants.

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Nupur J Sharma
Editor, since October 2017

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