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India does not need a statesman right now but a seasoned politician like Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Those who do not allow their former Prime Minister's dead body in their party headquarters do not have the moral right to talk about respect.

After rattling the opposition, particularly Congress, with his “Brashatachari No.1” remark for Rajiv Gandhi; Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the attack further to talk about the different acts of corruption that happened during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure and gave an open challenge to the Congress to fight the elections in the name of Rajiv Gandhi.

The royal family members, their Darbaris, left-liberals, basically the entire ecosystem came down heavily on the PM for insulting another former PM, a ‘martyr’. Some of the BJP sympathizers also seemed to be upset with the PM for dragging a dead person into the political debate. All of them were often seen comparing Atal Bihari Vajpayee, another PM from NDA, with the current one, Narendra Modi and crying about how Atal ji was a statesman but Narendra Modi is not.

Well, it is true. Atal ji was often called a statesman; due to his ability to take everyone along, careful selection of words while attacking his opponents, his soft and cold approach vis-a-vis Pakistan (with fighting a war with them but also indulging in talks and peace initiatives) and multiple other reasons.

But that can also be seen as the reason for his downfall in 2004. He became PM due to his core vote bank of Hindus and Nationalists, who had fought all their life against the hegemony of the Lutyens’ ecosystem on the idea of India.

He might not have realized the forces he was up against. He thought his work would speak for itself. His ‘India Shining’ was nothing but today’s ‘Sab ka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ with a different slogan. But still, he lost. Perhaps because he believed that the ecosystem would simply wither away under the weight of the good work he was doing for the country.

Congress’ narrative today is not different from what it was in 2004. If you listen to the speeches of Congress leaders from that time, you can hear the same words as today; “Secularism”, “Communal forces”, “Social Injustice”, “increase in communal disharmony”, just the lie of ‘Coffin Scam’ has been replaced with the lie of ‘Rafale Scam’.

We need to understand the forces you are up against. Where the very politicians who preside of scores of scams can still get away with accusing a squeaky clean PM of corruption despite a Supreme Court order. Where a leader can impose emergency and openly declare India as their kingdom but she is still called ‘Iron Lady’ and no comparisons are drawn with Hitler. Where thousands of communal riots take place in states ruled by the Dynasty but still they remain ‘secular’. Where in spite of no communal riots happening in any of the BJP ruled states for a long, long time, they can still be labelled as ‘communal’ without the media questioning the Congress.

This family and its ecosystem never really had India’s interests at heart. They did not think twice before killing thousands of Sikhs in a state-sponsored genocide justified by none other than the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi himself. They did not blink an eye before forgetting the deaths (and the severe effects on the livings for decades to come) of Bhopal gas tragedy while making a deal to save Anderson and his ilk. They were happy to let go of the actual terrorists to invent fake ‘Hindu Terror’ theory for votes.

Books can be written how they systematically looted India, undermined its national security, created communal disharmony, and practised socialism that ruined the country. They whitewashed their crimes by co-opting media and civil society. And then they have the audacity to give lectures about corruption to others by calling a sitting PM a “chor”. They have no shame left. Absolutely none.

Congress made this country the personal fiefdom of a handful of families who thought themselves as the new age Kings and Queens. Whether it is Lalu Yadav in Bihar, Mulayam Singh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh, Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra, Deve Gowda in Karnataka, Abdullahs in Kashmir, or the DMK in Tamil Nadu. A handful of families were ruling India and its states under the over-arching umbrella of the “first family” – The Nehru-Gandhi family. All of their next generations are now fighting elections in 2019 to reclaim their ‘birthright’.

If you want to fight such a dispensation which has become so evil that it can now stand with the statements like “Bharat tere tukde honge”; can openly declare support for special status of J&K; term the oldest civilization of the world as “intolerant and lynchers”; and disrespect our armed forces every now and then; you need a politician and not a statesman.

A politician who can give it back to them; who can expose them for what they truly are by removing the masks off their faces; who is not afraid of speaking the truth no matter how ‘disrespectful’ some might think it is; who does not give any importance to this ecosystem; who is not afraid or apologetic about his identity.

India has seen only 4 nationalist leaders in its Independent history who were not apologetic of their Hindu identity – Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and now, Narendra Modi. We lost one soon after independence, lost another one under mysterious circumstances, and sacrificed the third one at the altar ‘Statesmanship’.

We cannot afford to lose another leader to the same fake narrative. Those who do not allow their former Prime Minister’s dead body in their party headquarters do not have the moral right to talk about respect.

Remember, even Lord Krishna had to take a few ‘questionable’ decisions to win the “DharamYudha”; even he had to take up arms and end Sishupal’s life when he made his 100th mistake. How many are we going to allow?

We do not need a statesman but a politician right now who can fight this evil and take them head on, unafraid of his personal image. And who better than the one who has been at the receiving end of their evil games for the last 17 years.

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