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Pakistani Minister rebukes Rahul Gandhi again for his stand on Kashmir, asks him to ‘stand tall’ like Nehru

After Pakistan quotes Rahul Gandhi at UN to peddle its agenda, Rahul does a U-turn on Kashmir issue.

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Pakistani federal minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain took to Twitter today to rebuke Congress ex-president Rahul Gandhi for his flip-flop on India’s decision to revoke Article 370 which gave a separate status to Jammu and Kashmir and a subsequent bill aimed to bifurcate the state into two Union Territories.

Enraged by Rahul Gandhi’s turn-around, Fawad wrote that this “confusion” was the biggest problem with Congress’ politics. Dressing down the Congress scion, the Pakistani minister said that Rahul should learn lessons from and “stand tall” like his “great-great” grandfather, India’s former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Pakistani Minister appeared quite irritated by the sudden U-turn Rahul did on the recent Kashmir issue, in which, for all this while, Congress had been one with Pakistan. After months of mirroring Pakistan’s lines and casting doubts on the government over issues of national security, Rahul Gandhi’s sudden modified tune left Pakistan completely flummoxed.

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Rahul had tweeted today saying that though he disagrees with the government over many issues, he wants to make it clear that ‘Kashmir is an integral part of India’. He also asserted that there is no room for Pakistan or any other country to interfere in it. Rahul’s statement was significantly different from what his party’s Lok Sabha chief had stated in the parliament.

Rahul then stated that there is violence in Jammu and Kashmir and it is because Pakistan instigates and supports it. He added that Pakistan is the prime supporter of terrorism in the world.

However, this is not the first time Pakistani minister has shown disappointment in Rahul Gandhi, who along with his party have mostly acted as an abettor to the terror state.

Earlier, in response to one of Rahul’s Tweet, Fawad had expressed angst over Rahul Gandhi not winning 2019 elections and Tweeted: “Had you been a leader and a man enough would have taken a just stand on #Pulwama Today world would have been better sans #ModiMadness Your coward politics allowed India to become a prey of Fascism and Extremism”.

Fawad Hussain had then said that Rahul Gandhi was a coward to not take a “just” stand on Pulwama.

Actually, Pakistan for all this while had been savouring Congress’ rhetorics which aligned well with that of its own. It had recently written to the United Nations accusing India of carrying out human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir. As usual, this time too, Pakistan quoted former Congress President Rahul Gandhi to back up their claims of human rights violation.

Pakistan in their letter mentioned that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also ‘noted’ that “people dying” in Jammu & Kashmir, in light of events “going very wrong here”.

After India’s decision to abraograte Article 370, Pakistan had repeatedly used the statements of Congress leaders to further its argument.

Pakistani analysts and strategists in their media debates had even named the Congress as a ‘sympathiser’ of Pakistan. Recently, Imran Khan had even copied Rahul Gandhi’s favourite lines against RSS and the BJP and had stated that the RSS and PM Modi are planning a Nazi-like imposition of Hindutva ideology in India.

Moreover, during the Pulwama attack, several people from within the Congress party and its cronies had floated the theory that Pulwama was not perpetrated by Pakistan backed terrorists but was an “inside job” by the Modi government. This was also a stand vehemently peddled by Pakistan to shield itself after sending state-sponsored terrorists to bleed India.

It must be mentioned here that as a response, after the government conducted the Balakot airstrikes deep inside Pakistan territory to neutralise JeM terror camps, Pakistan and Congress had in one voice demanded proof of the airstrikes from the Modi government.

During the Pulwama attacks and after India’s retaliatory Balakot airstrikes, Pakistan had used Congress and other opposition leaders’ statements to peddle its nefarious agenda.

However, what still remains a mystery is the sudden switch in Rahul’s stance on the Kashmir issue. Whatever might be the reason, be it a desperate attempt to save his own party from losing all respect in the eyes of the Indian voter or a temporary glitch, this is for certain that this slambang may cost the Congress party dearly. It might lose all its credibility within Pakistan which it had carefully crafted in these many years.

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