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‘Professional Congress’ member posts promotional tweets for 500 rupees, blames ‘social media manager’ after having defended tweet

'Professional Congress' (yes, paradoxes exist) member, Andria D'souza, has found herself in a rather embarrassing situation after it was revealed that she charges Rs 500 for tweeting promotional tweets.

‘My manager did it,’ is the new ‘dog ate my homework’. Flipkart Big Billion Sale is here and well, ‘Congress supporters’ would like to earn a few quick bucks.

‘Professional Congress’ (yes, paradoxes exist) member, Andria D’souza, has found herself in a rather embarrassing situation after it was revealed that she charges Rs 500 for tweeting promotional tweets. ‘Social media influencers’ often charge a price to post promotional material on their platform. While there is nothing wrong in it, when the fact that Andria charged Rs 500 for her post got out, it rattled her a little. After that she disowned the post and blamed her ‘manager’ for the promotional post.

It all started when BJP Delhi spokesperson Tajinder Bagga tweeted last night that the Flipkart Big Billion Sale promotion tweet which Andria had posted was a paid one and that too she was given Rs 500 for the same. The screenshot he shared showed a conversation between two people where a deal was carried out that ‘@riarevealed’ will post a paid tweet for Flipkart for Rs 500. When Andria tweeted the Flipkart Big Billion Sale tweet as mentioned in the conversation, Bagga shared the conversation and added how it is actually his birthday and not Flipkart foundation date as she mentioned in her tweet.

The ‘Kamasurta 3D’ actress then deleted her tweet and had a complete mental breakdown. At first, after deleting her tweet, she posted another tweet with changed date, pretending as if she just made a mistake.

Except, she goofed up here as well because Flipkart Big Billion Day sale for 2019 is between 29th September to 4th October and not between 10th – 14th October as the ‘Adults Only’ star tweeted. The above dates are from 2018.

This is where her meltdown started. When people started mocking how her tweets are up for sale, which could cast aspersions on her genuine support to Congress, she first came up with an excuse that she tweeted it as she wanted a ‘referral code’ for discount.

Soon she started indulging in character assassination of Bagga and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri who had mocked her for making ‘millions’ by trolling him.

And then came a shocking revelation that she was once a ‘reporter’ before getting into ‘Professional Congress’.

While looking up for details on which publication she worked on, one also came across the fact that she worked in a Pakistani serial ‘Maati’ during her stint as an actress other than ‘Kamasutra 3D’ and ‘Adults Only’. I’m wondering if she took one of the ‘roles’ she played when she was an ‘actress’ too seriously by calling herself a ‘reporter. We were still not unable to locate which publication she worked for at the time of publishing this report.

Today morning, perhaps after a night of tossing and turning in her bed, Andria then claimed how Tajinder Bagga ‘honey trapped’ her ‘manager’ who posted the tweet for Rs 500 ‘without her knowledge’.

So over a course of 10 hours, Andria went from ‘I love Flipkart and I tweeted for Rs 2000 referral discount’ to ‘my manager tweeted and now I fired him’.

Somehow, this prank on her was ‘honey trapping’ her manager.

According to Oxford Dictionary, honeytrapping is “a stratagem in which an attractive person entices another person into revealing information or doing something unwise.” With this, Ria also revealed (pun intended) her low IQ.

She then referred to taking money in lieu of posting tweets for brands as ‘hacking into social media’.

Reminds me of the epic song from classic movie Padosan.


She has been going on and on while people are just having fun on her expense.

She found support from fellow Congress supporter who told her not to be ashamed or embarrassed for taking money to tweet on behalf of a brand. She was still busy pushing her ‘manager’ under the bus.

Earlier, she had blamed Prime Minister Modi for an incident of violence in our neighbouring country Pakistan. With Divya Spandana, Congress’ former IT cell head gone incognito, one would like to recommend Andria D’Souza as a personal reference to take the reins of Congress’ social media in her hand. While Divya restricted herself to spreading fake news and goof-ups through the social media handle, Andria has set the bar higher.

Update: Responding to the OpIndia report, Professional Congress troll Andria D’souza has said that the Flipkart tweet was done by her manager, who has now apparently been fired because he got ‘honey trapped’. She has also revealed that her rate is no less than Rs. 5000 per tweet for promotional content.

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