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The Wire once again shields Islamist mobs by shamelessly downplaying the brutality of Dilbar Negi’s murder: Here’s how

Dilbar Singh Negi did not simply 'die of burn injuries'. He was burnt alive by a Muslim mob after his limbs were cut off with a sword. The rioters, after cutting his hands and feet, threw the rest of his body into the burning fire.

While the country still move past the savagery inflicted on the Hindus by the Islamist mobs during the recent onslaught in Delhi, the are few leftist media outlets, like The Wire who have been working overtime to shamelessly paint the Hindus as aggressors and the Islamists as the victims. After attempting to water down the depravity heaped upon IB sleuth Ankit Sharma, during the recent Delhi anti-Hindu riots, by saying that he was ‘believed to be beaten to death’, The Wire resorted to shielding the Muslim mobs by watering down the brutal torture and murder of Dilbar Singh Negi by saying that he ‘died of burn injuries’.

In an article dated March 6th, 2020, headlined, “Here Are the Names of People Killed in the Delhi Riots”, the Wire staff pens down the name and details of 50 people who have lost their lives in the recent Delhi communal riots.

The report published by The Wire on March 6th, 2020

Like Ankit Sharma, Dilbar Negi too found a mention in The Wire’s report at number 17, but the reason for his death has been mentioned as ‘died of burn injuries’. Here too, the leftist portal has tried to scale down the magnitude of bestiality inflicted on 20-year-old Dilbar Singh Negi on February 24 during the Delhi anti-Hindu riots.

Screenshot of the article in The Wire

The fact is that Dilbar Singh Negi did not simply ‘die of burn injuries’. He was burnt alive by a Muslim mob after his limbs were cut off with a sword. The rioters, after cutting his hands and feet, threw the rest of his body into the burning fire.

The incident was first reported by Opindia, when the relatives of Dalbir, the deceased, contacted us and reported the horrific accident. He came to Delhi just 6 months ago from Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. He used to work at a sweet shop located in Shiv Vihar. The Uttarakhand government has announced financial assistance of five lakh rupees to the family of the deceased.

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His close aide Shyam Singh told Opindia that some rioters entered the Shahdara area on the evening of 23 February. The rioters made Negi their first target. They cut off his arms and legs. Then, they burnt his body in a nearby shop. He was accompanied by his two other companions in the building who managed to escape from there.

On February 26, when the shop owner Anil Pal reached the spot to know the condition of his shop with the police, he found the body of the deceased Negi near the stairway on the second floor. We can assume that he was trying to jump from the building after seeing the rioters.

The sheer enormity of savagery and barbarity inflicted on Hindus like Ankit Sharma and Dilbar Singh Negi are simply heart-wrenching but far-left portals like The Wire somehow remain unmoved.

In a similar article dated February 28th, 2020, titled: ’42 Dead, Names of 28 People Killed in Delhi Riots Confirmed’, the Wire had tried to dilute the brutality inflicted on Ankit Sharma.

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In that too, they said that Ankit Sharma was ‘beaten to death’. Ankit Sharma’s autopsy report had revealed the horrific brutality that was inflicted on him before his body was dumped in a ditch behind the house of AAP leader Tahir Hussain.

The autopsy report said that Ankit Sharma was stabbed over 400 times, and his body had been mutilated beyond belief. He had stab wounds all over his body and not even a single portion of it was spared. He was stabbed for hours, four to six hours, by possibly as many as six individuals together, according to the report. Moreover, his intestines were ripped apart, said the autopsy report. Forensic doctors have reportedly said that they haven’t seen such nightmarish mutilation in their lives. The report said that the body had “multiple abrasion.. deep cut.. by sharp edge objects”.

IB sleuth Ankit Sharma’s mutilated body was found abandoned in a drain at Chand Bagh.

While the country reeled under the shock of these Hindus being so brutally tortured during the Delhi riots, the Left media, treated them as just another name.

The Left media followed the decided narrative of the rest of the Islamist apologists to the very last word. Till the FIR was filed, several Left media outlets did not even bother covering the brutal murder of Ankit Sharma.

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The first article that The Wire wrote on the murder of Ankit Sharma, was on the shoddy defence that was presented by the AAP corporator Tahir Hussain.

The second article that The Wire wrote on Ankit Sharma’s brutal death only mentioned the FIR being filed and repeated some of the lies by Hussain.

The leftist media has been shamelessly trying to shield the Islamists and paint Hindus as the aggressors even before the Delhi anti-Hindu riots broke out. With the Delhi riots, that cacophony has reached its zenith.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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