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Anti-Hindu Delhi riots: The Wire and NDTV whitewash how a Muslim school was used as an attack base by Islamists and how a Hindu owned school was brutalised

It is rather evident just from this one report how the mainstream media is fuelling the fire by suppressing the truth and painting Hindus as the aggressors. The same narrative has been picked up by the international media that is now defaming India based on the biased and motivated lies that are being peddled by platforms like NDTV and The Wire.

The anti-Hindu riots that have gripped Delhi, with Muslim mobs running amok, have been the subject of extensive propaganda by the Left media. The media coterie, national and international, have painted these riots as a “pogrom against Muslims”, when the aggression by the community started way back in December when mobs ran riots as well. In these riots as well, there is plenty of evidence that the Muslim mobs were stocking stones, petrol bombs, acid pouches, country-made guns etc for weeks.

Keeping in tune with the skewed reportage of the Delhi riots, The Wire and NDTV twisted a severe act of aggression by the Muslim mobs in Mustafabad and watered down a Hindu owned school being gutted by an angry Muslim mob during the riots.

There are two schools in Shiv Vihar. One is Rajdhani Public School and the other is called DRP Public School. While the Rajdhani school belongs to a Muslim, DRP is owned by one Mr Sharma. During the anti-Hindu Delhi riots, one of these schools were gutted and the other was made a den to perpetrate violence. It does not really take a lot to guess which school met what fate.

On the rooftop of Rajdhani school, which was a Muslim owned school, our reporters found sacks of bricks to be hurled during the Delhi riots, petrol bombs and several other country-made weapons.

The roof of Rajdhani school

The roof of Rajdhani school

While the Rajdhani school was turned into a base to launch attacks, DRP school, which is a Hindu owned school was completely gutted by the Muslim mob.

During our ground reportage, it also emerged that the Muslim mob had simply overturned some chairs and furniture, with others remaining intact, in the Rajdhani school to present a false picture of the school being vandalised. Hindus of the area then came out of their homes, braved the stones and petrol bombs in an attempt to ward off the Muslim mob. In fact, the Hindus of the area said that had they not tried to repel the mob, they were prepared to enter the homes of the Hindus.

Rajdhani school building is relatively higher than the rest of the buildings in the area. The surrounding areas had several Hindu establishments and homes which were targeted by the Islamist mobs. In fact, there was not one Hindu house that could be seen that had not been pelted with stones by the Islamists. Guns were also fired from the Rajdhani school and in the process, a Hindu man named Dinesh Kumar had also lost his life. Several other Hindus are injured and undergoing treatment.

The full reportage of the incident can be read here.

This incident where a Hindu owned school was gutted, a Muslim owned school was used as a base to launch an attack against Hindus and a Hindu man was killed by the guns fired by Islamists was completely misrepresented by the two beacons of lies and hypocrisy – NDTV and The Wire.

How The Wire lied about the violence in Mustafabad during Delhi riots

In an article that claimed to be a “ground report” by The Wire, the lies that the portal perpetuated to paint the entire incident as one of aggression by the Hindus is rather staggering.

The Wire in its report claims that both schools were owned by Muslims.

The portion of the article by The Wire

This, however, is a lie. The Rajdhani school was a Muslim owned school that was used as a base to launch attacks as evidenced by the photos attached earlier in this article and it was the DRP school which was completely gutted by the Muslim mob.

Interestingly, the featured image that was used by The Wire proves that perhaps the portal and its reporter knew they were misrepresenting facts related to this incident.

Featured image used by The Wire

The image that has been used by The Wire, as can be seen above shows a school completely vandalise and gutted in the mob onslaught. The picture, however, is not of a Muslim owned school. The picture is of DRP school which is owned and managed by one Pankaj Sharma. It is this school that was torched and vandalised by the Muslim mob that had made Muslim owned Rajdhani school their base.

Further, the rope one can see hanging in the foyer of the DRP school was used by the Muslim mob to descend inside the school in order to carry out their vandalism.

Here is another view of the DRP school gutted in fire by the Muslim mob.

DRP school gutted by Islamists

Essentially, The Wire took vandalism and rampant and planned hooliganism by an Islamist mob and painted it as if a Hindu mob had attacked two schools that belonged to Muslims. Which was an absolute lie to begin with.

In fact, in their report from the same area, they have also failed to mention that a Hindu man, Dinesh Kumar lost his life in the onslaught by the Islamist mob.

How NDTV twisted the entire violence by Islamists in Mustafabad

The NDTV report refrained from lying blatantly like The Wire by claiming that both schools were owned by Muslims. It did report that the DRP school was owned by a Hindu, Pankaj Sharma (NDTV spoke to one Dharmesh Sharma from the DRP school) and the Rajdhani school was owned by a Muslim, Faisal Farukh.

However, NDTV being NDTV, had to paint the Hindus as the aggressors while the ground reality was completely different, again, as evidenced by the photos released by OpIndia. The Rajdhani school’s rooftop had supplies for a full-fledged civil war, including stones, petrol bombs, acid packets and even country made grenades. This fact was even reported by Republic TV where, on camera, Pankaj Sharma had held up the home-made bombs that were hurled at the DRP school by the Islamists who had turned Rajdhani school into a launchpad.

While publishing the correct ownership of the school, NDTV sneakily added a line that would tell the readers, wrongly, that it was the Hindus who started the assault first.

NDTV article

This is a patent lie and our ground report has adequately proven that. How would Rajdhani school be attacked first if, on its rooftop, the Islamist mob had stacked weapons and country-made bombs to attack the Hindus.

In fact, in the video that was released by NDTV, the NDTV reported herself says that the attack on DRP was completely organised and the school was completely gutted. The furniture was collected in an organised manner and burnt down. The building laid charred and there were massive holes in the walls that could have only been made by country-made bombs, as Pankaj Sharma held up during his interview with Republic.

When the NDTV reporter herself had admitted that the school was gutted in an organised manner and even reported how rioters descended inside the DRP school from the Rajdhani school, one wonders how in the written report they can claim that Rajdhani was attacked by Hindus first. The NDTV video also says that the mobs attacked the fire tenders who were trying to reach DRP school to douse the fire.

Read: Watch: Hindu man narrates how Muslim neighbours shot his brother, pelted stones and attacked a Shiv Temple during Delhi riots

In the NDTV report as well, there is no mention of the Hindu man who died in the rioting. One Dinesh Kumar.

It is rather evident just from this one report how the mainstream media is fuelling the fire by suppressing the truth and painting Hindus as the aggressors. The same narrative has been picked up by the international media that is now defaming India based on the biased and motivated lies that are being peddled by platforms like NDTV and The Wire.

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