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The rise and fall of Altaf Shaikh alias ‘brumbyoz’: Rabid anti-Hindu bigot promoted actively by ‘liberals’ on social media and friend to fake news peddler Rana Ayyub

@brumbyoz vehemently denies that it is him and claims that Altaf Shaikh is an innocent man who is being hounded by 'fanatic Sanghis' simply because they believe it is him. But people on social media are not buying that line of argument.

Tywin Lannister, one of the most powerful characters from A Song of Ice and Fire once said, “Men love to blame demons when their grand plans unravel.” Such has been the story of one prominent Hindu hater on Twitter, @brumbyoz, a man who succumbed to the cycle of hate he had unleashed on the social media platform himself. After Hindus in the Middle-East were targeted by a section of Indian Muslims and their cohorts sitting in the other countries, unknown individual(s) had doxxed @brumbyoz himself. If social media is to be believed, @brumbyoz is one Altaf Shaikh from Australia.

@brumbyoz vehemently denies that it is him and claims that Altaf Shaikh is an innocent man who is being hounded by ‘fanatic Sanghis’ simply because they believe it is him. But people on social media are not buying that line of argument. He has since then deactivated his Twitter account. The user who claims to have done it, and goes by the username of @AltafSh34154669, says he did it as an act of vengeance against the Hindus who were persecuted by @brumbyoz and his bunch of rabid Islamist minions.

The user who claims to have doxxed @brumbyoz

For his part, @brumbyoz claims to have left Twitter because he doesn’t want the family, which he claims is entirely unrelated to him, to suffer because of him. Minutes before he left Twitter, he said that if people leave that family alone, he will not return to Twitter ever.

Source: Twitter

According to claims going around on social media, Altaf Shaikh alias @brumbyoz is a resident of Sydney, Australia and works at Southern Cross Care. It is unclear how his personal details became public on social media. It is not even clear whether it was someone from the ‘rightwing’ who doxxed him because there are plenty of people on the Left, including prominent Muslims, who share personal animosity with him due to his hateful nature.

@brumbyoz has had quarrels with numerous people online including prominent handles with a blue tick. It is also known that his identity was known to at least a few people on the social media platform, including a woman with whom he had a bitter fight and a vicious fallout. Thus, it is a very real possibility that his identity was revealed by someone on the Left. Thus far, there is way to know but such a possibility cannot be ruled out.

One of the individuals who appears to have known his identity is ‘journalist’ Rana Ayyub, who is an apologist for Radical Islam and a purveyor of Fake News. Interactions between the two from May 2016 shows both of them talking with each other of a meeting between them. Screenshots of the tweets were dug up by people on social media.

Rana Ayyub meeting @brumbyoz. Source: Twitter

@brumbyoz is an Islamist bigot who refers to Hindus as ‘cow people’ and worse. @brumbyoz has been instrumental in the hate campaign against Hindus living in the Middle East. He calls Islamic countries ‘civilized’ and insults every other country under the Sun as, being the bigot that he is, only Islamic countries can be considered free of ‘Jahaalat’. Screenshots of his abusive tweets against Hindus can be found in abundance on social media.

Source: Twitter

It is pertinent to note here that despite his virulent hateful nature, @brumbyoz was feted as an intellectual by the liberal establishment and treated as a hero on social media. Eventually, his hateful nature became evident to those around him and some of them spoke up against him. But this wasn’t before he was molded into an ‘intellectual stalwart’ by liberals despite his vicious hatred against Hindus, or more likely, because of it.

One individual who claimed to be from NDTV, for instance, was begging him to feature on one of their shows. Newslaundry, which claims to be a ‘neutral’ website, offered him a platform in January 2017, when it was public knowledge the kind of vicious bigot he is. In 2014, Times of India published an entire feature on him, waxing eloquence about his wit and humour. All of this is further affirmation of the kind of hatred against Hindus that is completely mainstream in Indian media. Not only is hatred for Hindus tolerated in Indian media, it is actively encouraged.

NDTV inviting Altaf Shaikh alias @brumbyoz on its show.

Of course, there is no way for us to know or verify whether Altaf Shaikh is indeed @brumbyoz. But even if he weren’t the individual whose personal information is circulating on social media, it only goes on to show that there is indeed Karmic punishment in this world and the eyes of Justice are always ever vigilant. And a man who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

@brumbyoz unleashed a wave of hatred against Hindus on social media and actively participated in the persecution of Hindus. And now, the table appears to have turned and it is him who is at the receiving end of it. A dangerous game was unleashed on social media when Hindus in the Middle East were targeted by Muslims such as @brumbyoz and now the debt is being repaid in kind by others. He sowed the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind.

Hopefully, it will serve as a tale of caution to social media users and prompt people to reconsider their conduct on social media. Hopefully, users will also realize that certain lines should never be crossed regardless of the intensity of the hatred for a particular individual. However, as of this moment, it seems to be a fool’s dream. For humans have a tendency of learning essential lessons of life only at a great personal cost.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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