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Pakistani human rights activist Arif Ajakia slams Rana Ayyub, Saba Naqvi and Arfa Khanum for shielding Tablighi Jamaat

The misbehaviour, attacks on medical staffs have been actually happening and it is being carried out by the Jamaatis and Muslims, this is a fact, and it cannot be ignored, says the Pakistani activist.

It has been proved beyond doubts that the Tablighi Jamaat members have been the sole reason behind the spike in the coronavirus cases in India. Apart from this, their anti-social behaviour has left the authorities and medical teams, working day and night to fight the pandemic, completely distraught. Moreover, ever since the reports that Tablighi Jamaat is the primary sources of transmission of coronavirus in the country emerged, the Muslim mobs have continued to attack paramedic staffs and police personnel unabashedly.

Still, there is this so-called secular-liberal’ gang who have been audaciously defending these Jamaatis and rebuking all those who are pointing out the Tablighi Jamaat attendees’ crime, by calling them ‘Islamophobic’.

Pakistani Human rights activist Arif Ajakia released a video on his Youtube channel on April 16, to expose Rana Ayyub, Saba Naqvi and Arfa Khanum, who can be safely called the founding members of the propaganda wing of the Muslim fundamentalist faction.

He begins with a point by point rebuttal to Saba Naqvi’s claims that Muslims are being targeted in India. Speaking about the video the propagandist had shared recently accusing the entire Hindu community of spreading hatred against the Muslim community while remaining silent on the reprehensible conduct of significant sections of the Muslim community, Arif Ajakia says that if it had not been for India, the Tablighi Jamaats would have had to face a bigger backlash.

The legal framework and secularism in India is impeding government to directly take their names also, they are in fact, being called the single source. Though the fact is that what these Jamaatis have done is “stupidity”, they have risked the lives of 1.30 crore people of the country.

As a responsible journalist, you cannot overlook such things happening in front of you. The misbehaviour, attacks on medical staffs have been actually happening and it is being carried out by the Jamaatis and Muslims, this is a fact, and it cannot be ignored, says the Pakistani activist.

Despite the fact that the people of this particular community has been behind all the transgression, your country is not permitting to take their names directly, and I being a Pakistani, am openly saying that the nuisance created by the Tablighi’s must be stopped. The activist here expresses shock that despite facts being out in the open, journalists like Saba Naqvi calls it “Islamophobia”.

Unfortunately, Saba Naqvi, Rana Ayub, Arfa Kannum’s journalism is confined to a particular community, it’s based on the defence of a community. This is sheer stupidity, exclaims Arif Ajakia.

Though google is full of news which says that these “Mullah’s are organising group feasts, reading group Namaaz”, yet they are being defended. “What should be done, should their topis and beard be photoshopped…what is one to do?”, asks the activists. And when these things are reported journalists like you all start peddling the “Islamophobia” narrative.

Saba Naqvi insinuates Hindu’s spreading hatred against Muslims:

On April 16, Saba Naqvi had released a video through which she once again shielded Muslims and demonised Hindu’s.

In her video message, Saba Naqvi cites the examples of a few good Muslims while accusing the Hindu community of indulging in hatred. While Saba Naqvi takes care to use the example of a few good Muslims to whitewash the crimes of a great many more in her viral video, she does not offer the Hindu community the same courtesy. Playing the victim card, Saba Naqvi paints the entire Hindu community as intolerant.

Saba Naqvi makes preposterous insinuations in her video and asks Hindus repeatedly, “What do you want us to do?”, the ‘Us’ being Muslims. Again, Saba Naqvi ought to be careful about not painting the entire Hindu Community in poor light because if the favour is returned, she will be the first to cry victim. Since she answers her own question by saying “Should we all leave?”, we decided it would be a good idea to reverse the gaze for a moment. There are certain things that the Hindu Community would want from the Muslim community. And these are not some unrealistic demands that the deviant sections of the Muslim community would have to try too hard to fulfill.

Senior Editor at The Wire, Arfa Khanum Sherwani give a clean chit to Tablighi Jamaat:

Senior Editor at The Wire, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, has declared the perverts of Tablighi Jamaat innocent and accused the female staff of the MMG Hospital at Ghaziabad, who were victims of the perverts’ sexually predatory behaviour, of indulging in propaganda. The female staff of the hospital had said that the members of the Islamic missionary organization were roaming around their wards naked and were directing lewd gestures at them. However, journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani has proclaimed that they are lying. Arfa Khanum Sherwani said that she refused to believe they will harass or molest women.

Rana Ayyub shares misleading images to demonize frontline warriors:

As India fights Wuhan coronavirus, propagandists masquerading as ‘journalists’ and ‘historians’ seem to have taken upon themselves to spread misinformation. ‘Journalist’ Rana Ayyub took to Twitter to share an old and misleading picture of curfew defaulters being punished as that of migrant labourers to demonize the police personnel who have been sweating it out, risking their own lives to save citizens from the pandemic.

Selective journalism by left-liberal media in India:

A section of ‘selective journalism’ (religion, caste, journalism based on convenience) and ‘selective critiqueism’ (choosing issues for criticism by convenience) have been in the media of the country for a long time. These are the same people, for whom if any Muslim is involved in crime, their narrative would be simple- ‘there is no religion of crime and criminals’ and when the same crime is committed by a Hindu, these people start hopping on one leg, weaving a narrative around ‘Hindu terror’ or ‘Bhagwa terror’.

This is the reason why the left media in India has seen the greatest fall in the eyes of the common masses. People have been able to see through the nefarious designs of these ‘celebrated’ journalists, where they openly endorse a favourite opposition party and unduly target the majority community, in the garb of “secularism”.

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