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Protestor for hire? How ‘environmental activist’ and child protestor Licypriya Kangujam has endorsed every random cause on Twitter

Licypriya Kangujam joins various hashtag trends from NEET exams to unemployment to mocking Atmanirbhar Bharat abhiyan, like a true-blue e-aandolanjeevi

9-year old so-called climate activist, Licypriya Kangujam is the perfect example of why children her age need to go to regular school. From being a child climate activist, Licypriya now appears to have adopted the role of rent-a-cause activist.

Cherry picking her latest cause, Licypriya has recently extended support to the bank employees on strike against privatisation. Not limiting herself to the ‘privatisation’ concern, Licypriya, in the same tweet has attempted to #StopAdani and appealed to throw him out of business. Not sure if she understands her claims and hashtags.

This past year especially has been busy for the little activist with farmers protest, Modi Rojgar Do trend, NEET JEE exams, Narendra Modi Stadium, Bengal elections and a lot more. What do farmers, youth, elections and cricket have to do with climate you ask? Well, that’s one question for the so called climate activist to answer.

Licypriya Kangujam shot to fame holding ‘Save Environment’ placards but soon started holding placards for anything and everything that does not concern the environment. Let’s look at all the times she hopped on to the ‘trend wagon’ just to stay relevant.

This year began with Licypriya standing up against #AdaniJivi claiming “Adani coals are destroying our planet in many countries”. Hmm…that’s some creativity.

For some reason, Adani has been on her activism hit-list since long. While her next stop was ‘farmers protest’, she continued to stop Adani through her hashtags in tweets concerning the Farm Bills. Here’s an example:

In yet another creative move, Licypriya tagged the State Bank of India in a tweet claiming no response from officials upon raising a complaint. SBI was swift to take cognizance of the matter and asked her to share details of her concern. Her response is for all of us to see and learn.

Impressive how she keeps up with the trends. Kooing about the Koo app, Licypriya raised suspicions on the authenticity of the app’s ‘Aatmanirbharta’.

Moving on, her next pit stop was Ahmedabad’s newly built Narendra Modi stadium. It’s fascinating how she managed to club unemployment and developing new sports facility in this one. “Modi_Job_do” was a Twitter trend being trended by Congress supporters at that time.

You ask what’s the co-relation? That continues to remain a mystery. She then moved on to what I call a ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ move, where she claimed that the youth of the country need system change and not ‘climate change’. Now why would a climate activist say that? I would like to believe it was just an innocent typo.

After a hectic month of activism, she finally got to rejoice in a tweet the release of ‘sister’ Nodeep Kaur involved in the farmers protest. However, her placard very explicitly appealed for a change in the ‘system’ to protect the environment.

Marking one year of gruesome Delhi Riots, the 9-year old activist thought it was perfectly alright to appeal for climate change amidst communal violence.

Licypriya also raised her voice or ‘tweet’ against the promotion of Coronil tablet and advised the leaders to take it first. No reason for her protest against the tablet was cited.

The onset of March witnessed the child climate activist raise voice for women’s safety in UP (not when we saw the great fall of a party and its leader) The unfortunate incident of Hathras where the victims father was killed by the perpetrators on filing a complaint, garnered support from Licypriya. Hope we get to see her support for every such case apart from the ones taking place in UP.

The 9-year old then protested against the Modi government for all of the above in a single tweet, saving time.

She then marked the 100th day of farmers protest stating, she will continue to support the farmers despite all threats. We are not going to comment on the hypocrisy of stubble burning=supporting farmers=saving environment here.

Prior to these antics, Licypriya- the queen of hashtags, stuffed all of them together and asked her followers to do the same. Not sure why.

She even attacked Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi for his shameful act in Hathras and commanded him to reply to her email immediately which talked about solutions for air pollution. As conscious and responsible citizens of the country, we sure would like to know what solutions a 9-year old has for air pollution. This could make us proud.

Now, one may wonder, what’s wrong with a little girl voicing her concern on the happenings in the country. Well, most topics are not suitable for her age and reports of her faking her achievements discredits all her agitations.

OpIndia had earlier reported how Licypriya was turned into a celebrity by her father by citing fake achievements. In April 2019, Licypriya claimed that she was on her way to UN headquarters in Geneva to address a ‘global UN session’ for ‘Disaster Risk Reduction’. The news was widely reported and Licypriya was congratulated on social media for ‘making India proud’. Except, it turned out to be fake. Imphal Free Press uncovered that not only was she not invited to the UN but her father was also reported to be an alleged conman.

An investigation by Imphal Free Press revealed that her entire ‘UN invite’ was a sham and a cooked up story by her father, Kangujam Kanarjit. IFP got suspicious over the news item since when they investigated the claims, the UN event showed that registration for delegates was still on and the names of speakers wasn’t confirmed yet. Hence, Licypriya’s claims that she is going to address the session was already on thin ice.

Licypriya claimed to be working as a “Child Disaster Risks Reduction Advocate in International Youth Committee (IYC)” which had very little Internet presence. IFP investigation revealed that IYC chairman was one Dr KK Singh. The Dr KK Singh was Kangujam Kanarjit, who IFP had exposed as a conman back in 2015. Kangujam Kanarjit is Licypriya’s father. Kangujam Kanarjit, was a man behind the Global Youth Summit and World Youth Summit held at Imphal and is charged of cheating and fraud. He has been accused by several businessmen of duping them.

And now it seems, the ‘guardian’ handling her Twitter account, seems to have found a new way of conning people by trending hashtags and being part of hashtag activism. In all this, an innocence of a child is lost.


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