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‘There is positivity and hope towards India at a global level’: 4 key highlights from PM Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha

Speaking about the reaction President's address received in the house, PM said that everyone gave a reply as per their interest and aptitude. "When we listen and understand the replies, it gives an idea of their ability, perception, understanding and motive. The country is evaluating everything," he added.

On February 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a reply during the Motion of Thanks on President’s Address in Lok Sabha. While thanking President Draupadi Murmu, PM Modi said her visionary address gave a path to the members of the house and the citizens of India. Calling her “source of inspiration”, PM said President had increased the pride of the Tribal community in India.

“The Tribal community is feeling proud. The self-confidence of the Tribal community has increased. This house and the country are thankful to the President for this,” he added. The PM said the President gave a roadmap for ‘Sankalp Se Sidhi’ and inspired the nation to progress.

Speaking about the reaction President’s address received in the house, PM said that everyone gave a reply as per their interest and aptitude. “When we listen and understand the replies, it gives an idea of their ability, perception, understanding and motive. The country is evaluating everything,” he added.

PM Modi’s dig at Congress leaders and ecosystem for gushing over speeches made on Tuesday

He said after some speeches from the opposition, the whole ecosystem was praised. They were jumping with joy and suggesting that it was a government rebuttal. He pointed out that when at the time of the President’s address, some of the members of the house were absent. He also targeted leaders of the opposition who insulted the President in part. Not to forget, in July last year, a Congress leader was heavily criticized in the house for insulting the President. He submitted a written apology for the same. Without taking any name, PM said that someone had apologized in writing for his insulting words against the President.

He said, “Their actions show what they think about the Tribal community. When they speak such things in front of the TV, the hidden hate for the community comes to the fore. I am happy to see their true side in front of everyone. It’s okay if they had apologized in writing afterwards.”

PM Modi expressed his surprise that no one criticized the President’s address. He said that the silence over the address shows that the opposition accepted it well. He quoted President and said, “The President said, and I quote “India, which was dependent on others for solving its problems, is now helping resolve other nations’ issues. The people of the nation are receiving basic amenities that they lacked for decades. The people of India wanted to get rid of corruption, and they did. The country has come out of policy paralysis, and the world is praising us for progress and futuristic approach.” I thought these aspects of the President’s address would be criticized, but I am happy that no one objected. Everyone accepted it. I am thankful to the 140 crore people of India as everyone’s efforts made it possible that these things got accepted in the house.”

‘The world is seeing its prosperity through India’s growth story’: PM Modi

PM Modi noted that scuffles might happen and challenges may arise, but with the determination of 140 crore Indians, India can overcome all the obstacles. He said the way the country has been handled in the once-in-a-century calamity and war had filled every Indian with confidence. Many countries are facing economic turmoil, inflation, food shortage and unemployment. The condition of neighbouring countries is the same. In such a time when the world is facing turmoil, India has emerged as the 5th largest economy. “The world is looking towards India with positivity and hope,” he said.

He pointed out that some people are not happy to see the country’s progress. “They need to do some self-assessment,” he said. The PM said the top experts worldwide who can assess the country’s economic condition very well are looking at India with hope. They trust India’s capacity to move forward. The world has hope in India because this country has stability, ability and possibility. “This is a decision-making government. It is a majority government that works for the national interest. We are not bringing reforms out of compulsion but out of conviction. We give everything to the country that is required as per the needs.”

He also talked about the largest vaccination program, digital infrastructure and how the country has progressed during Covid time. He added that while other nations are struggling to provide financial help to the country’s people as it is impossible for them to reach out and give cash to everyone, India is sending financial help via digital means. “Thousands of crores of rupees are being sent to the country’s people in seconds,” he said. PM Modi also pointed out how countries struggled to give vaccine certificates while they reached the people of India within seconds on mobile phones.

He added that India is progressing quickly and becoming a prominent player in the global supply chain. He said the country is becoming a manufacturing hub in several sectors. “But some people are unable to accept the progress of the country. They are unable to digest the fact that the people of this country are progressing,” he added. Counting the achievements, he said, over 90,000 start-ups started in the last nine years. India has the third-largest start-up ecosystem in the world. Even in such a difficult time, India has given 108 unicorns to the world. India has become the second-largest manufacturer of mobile phones. In terms of energy consumption, India stands in the third position. In domestic flights, India is third worldwide. Furthermore, India is the fourth largest country in terms of renewable energy capacity. From the education sector to the medical sector, India is progressing in every field.

PM Modi reminds Congress of its scam-tainted legacy

The PM spoke about the decade before 2014 and said that scams and terror attacks plagued the country between 2004 and 2014. It was characterized by “adversity in opportunity”. The Indian economy declined during this decade. India’s voice on the global stage weakened.

According to him, India is now a self-confident country fulfilling its dreams and goals, and the entire world is looking forward to India because of its stability and potential. He compared the current situation with the past, pointing out that India had been called the “Lost Decade” during the UPA era, but today it is called the “Indian Decade”.

PM Modi lashes out at the opposition for squandering 9 years by levelling baseless allegations instead of indulging in constructive criticism

Noting that India is the mother of democracy, The Prime Minister highlighted the essential role of constructive criticism in a robust democracy, equating it to a purification ritual. He expressed dissatisfaction with people who indulge in compulsive criticism and fabricate unfounded accusations. Over the last nine years, such critics have been widespread. The Prime Minister avowed that this kind of criticism would not be tolerated by individuals who now enjoy amenities they had not before. Remarking that he was part of a family of 140 crore Indians rather than a dynasty, he thanked them for their assistance and aid, which shielded him.

The Prime Minister spoke of his commitment to aiding those who are disadvantaged and disregarded. He noted that the government’s initiatives had benefited Dalits, adivasis, women, and other vulnerable groups. He underscored the power of women in India and that no expense has been spared in granting them more authority. He explained that when mothers are empowered, it not only empowers individuals but also bolsters our communities and, eventually, our nation. The PM then paid homage to the aspirations of the middle class, lauding their honesty. He contended that Indian citizens could overcome hardships, yet they will never resort to such measures as negativity is unacceptable within Indian society.

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