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Journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead, Twitter abuzz with speculations

Media persons were quick to blame the right wing for journalist Gauri Lankesh's murder.

Sona Mohapatra slams media for misinterpreting her statement on Kangana Ranaut

Media misinterprets and takes singer Sona Mohapatra's comments on Kangana Ranaut out of context.

Pakistan: Journalist claims Hindu temple near Karachi airport used to keep sacrificial animals

Twitter reacts to the insensitivity towards Hindus in Pakistan.

Explosives, IED making equipments recovered from Darjeeling

The explosives are believed to be stolen from NTPC plant near Negi.

#KnowYourLegacy: Congress social media plays quiz, gets trolled

The day when Congress social media team got trolled.

Congress repeats the same “oops” moment it had 24 hours ago

The Congress IT cell has again made the same gaffe

Nirmala Sitharaman to handle Defence Ministry, ‘liberals’ get into a tizzy

How the liberal and feminist media persons reacted to Sitharaman being the Defence Minister

Yet another “oops” moment for Congress

Twitter reacts to Congress IT cell's quiz blunder

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