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‘Incorrectly implied’: ABC News accepts that its ‘journalist’ Avani Dias lied about Indian Constitution in documentary targeting PM Modi

ABC News ‘journalist’ Avani Dias forgot one key piece of information – The word secular was not part of the Indian Constitution when it came into force in 1950.

Downplaying Khalistani extremism, targeting India-Australia ties, fuelling Indophobia: ABC News ‘journalist’ Avani Dias makes outlandish claims about Modi govt

Avani Dias and her propagandist friends at ABC News sought to weaken India-Australia ties and create an atmosphere of diplomatic distrust.

ABC News ‘journalist’ Avani Dias, who lied about her visa cancellation by Modi govt, now spreads falsehoods about Indian constitution

Avani Dias alleged, "Just so you're across it, when India was founded in 1947 after it got independence from the British, its constitution was written to say India is a secular country, which means it has to be neutral and open to all religions."

Don’t spread misinformation: Sambhal Police tells ABC News journalist for using old video to accuse BJP leader of bribing officials before voting

Sambhal Police stated that ABC News 'journalist' Meghna Bali was sharing an old video in order to spread fake news on social media.

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