Wednesday, September 29, 2021



‘Taliban victory in Afghanistan should be celebrated by all Muslims’, says Tamil Nadu based Maulana

The radical Maulana claimed that the Taliban has been wrongly portrayed as a terrorist group by the "prostitution media".

No democracy, only Sharia: Taliban spokesperson clarifies that Afghanistan will be run exactly as it was 20 years ago

Although Hashimi conceded that there were issues regarding how the country would be run, he clarified that Afghanistan would not remain a democracy.

Union Minister says Owaisi should be sent to Afghanistan after AIMIM chief says Govt should focus on women in India instead

AIMIM supremo Asaduddin Owaisi has been saying that the Indian Government should hold a dialogue with the Taliban.

India anticipated Afghanistan crisis: Planned exit 6 months in advance, evacuated Indians only after Kabul fell as it wanted to be last to leave

Did India foresee the crisis currently unfolding in Afghanistan? Probably yes as India planned evacuation 6 months before Taliban took Kabul over

‘Journalist’ justifies Taliban killing those trying to escape Kabul, says they colluded with USA in killing Muslims, had earlier celebrated Kamlesh Tiwari murder

Journalist Ali Sohrab were found gloating over the misfortune and adversity faced by the Afghans wanting to escape Afghanistan.

Who was the Afghan footballer who fell to his death from the US C-17 plane while trying to escape Taliban rule. Details

Young Zaki Anwari was a student of the Esteqlal High school and hailed from a low-income household. He was a member of Afghan national soccer team.

Taliban order Imams to not let people flee Afghanistan, instruct using Friday namaz to counter ‘enemy propaganda’

Taliban has reportedly told Imams across the country to talk to people during Friday prayers and persuade them not to flee.

‘Go home, you are a woman’: Taliban threatens journalist Shabnam Dawran, bars her from working, multiple such cases emerge

Shabnam Dawran, who worked in RTA Pashto said she was barred from working at her TV station by the Taliban regime

The Taliban had escorted Indians evacuated from the Indian mission in Kabul to the airport on Monday amid chaos: Report

After rejecting the request, the Taliban had finally agreed to let Indians leave Indian mission in Kabul, and escorted them to the airport

Afghans march through Kabul with hundreds of meters long national flag to protest against Taliban, Islamic outfit opens fire

The Afghanistan nationals showed defiance against Taliban by hoisting the national flag in various places in the country

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