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Assam: Enraged locals in Goalpara raze madrasa where Islamic terrorists from Bangladesh were working, cleric was arrested earlier

The inhabitants of Goalpara town deliberately razed a madrasa and a house close to it on Tuesday. A cleric of the madrasa was arrested for terrorism links.

Assam: Another madrasa with suspected terror links under the scanner, two teachers flee after locals express doubt about their identity

Dargar Alga Madrassa located at Pakhiura Char in Assam has been identified by the police for possible terror links

Jharkhand: Naeem Ansari, second accused in Ankita murder case was influenced by banned Bangladeshi jihadi outfit Ansar-ul-Bangla

The Police, after checking Naeem's phone, said that he often used to watch the activities conducted by Ansar-ul-Bangla.

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