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8 months after the controversy over high sugar content in Bournvita, the company reduces it by 14.4% – Everything you need to know

Bournvita has been surrounded by controversy over the added sugar content and misleading ads since food vlogger and social media activist Revant Himatsingka (foodpharmer) highlighted high sugar content in the product.

Influencer who claimed Bournvita has 50% sugar in viral video gets sued by Cadbury, apologises and takes down post

Revant Himantsingka had shared a video criticising Cadbury Bournvita. He claimed that the 'health drink' contains over 50% sugar.

Kuch khaas hai zindagi main: Watch the 2021 version of the iconic Cadbury ad

Cadbury has released a 2021 version of the iconic ad, the jingle of which has been stuck in the hearts and minds of every adult who grew up in the 90s.

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