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Jharkhand: Christian Missionaries from Bihar and Andhra Pradesh confronted by locals in Garhwa, handed over to authorities

Bihar and Andhra Pradesh residents confronted by locals in Garhwa, Jharkhand for Christian missionary activities, accused of converting people.

Jharkhand: Four arrested for running Christian conversion drive in the name of free education in Chakradharpur

Deputy head of the panchayat Sangeeta Savaiya said that she was informed by the villagers that three women and a man are propagating Christianity in the name of free education over the last few days.

Nepal Census reveals how Islam and Christianity are on the rise in Nepal with Hindu population declining: Full details

Government of Nepal released caste, ethnicity and language stats based on Census 2021 where it showed how Islam was on the rise in Nepal

Two-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment after North Korean officials catch his parents with a Bible: Report

The child along with his entire family was jailed in a political prison camp in North Korea in 2009

Anusuchit Jati Bachao Manch opposes reservation for Dalits converted to Islam and Christianity, presents petition to Ahmedabad collector

AJBM opposed reservation for Dalits who converted to Islam and Christianity in their petition.

Kenya: Pastor reveals that the Christian death cult first targeted children to die by starvation, death toll exceeds 200

Children were targeted as the first to be starved to death in the final days of a Christian death cult in Kenya.

Tamil Nadu: DMK govt opposes anti-conversion laws, claims Christian missionaries are not doing anything illegal. Read details

CM Stalin-led DMK government has accused advocate Ashwini Upadhyay of filing a 'politically motivated' PIL and fueling 'religious intolerance' against a particular religion.

Chhattisgarh: Clashes in Bastar over death of a tribal woman who had converted to Christianity, locals protest, demand cremation instead of burial

The deceased woman, Mate Bekko was a tribal woman who had lately converted to Christianity. The villagers gathered during her funeral and opposed to her burial process. They demanded her cremation instead.

RSS body and other Hindu outfits oppose reservation benefits for Dalits converted to Islam, Christianity

RSS body and other organisations said that reservation benefits should not be extended to Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians.

Christian missionaries in Delhi book fair provide anti-Hindu material, Bible for free, persuade Hindus to convert religion, United Hindu Front protests

the Christian missionaries were distributing the objectionable content against Hindus and Bible for free even to small children

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