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The flawed secularism vs the famous diversity of India

Indian secularism doesn’t celebrate diversity, it celebrates victimhood. This needs to change.

Daaru pe Dialogue: what I told my right-wing Hindu friend about removing 295(A)

My friend told me that removing IPC 295(A) is idealistic and won’t help Hindus. I tried to reason.

Christian groups force Mumbai restaurant to remove “blasphemous” paintings

The complainants are however not yet satisfied and want the restaurant to be closed down.

Hrithik Roshan gets legal notice for “joke” on “Pope”

Will the moral compass of gatekeepers of Freedom of Expression allow them to speak out on this?

A Christian responds to a Christian who felt “he was a stranger in his own country”

A fellow Christian who disagrees with Julio Ribeiro speaks out

Mother Teresa – as we don’t know her

The Mother Teresa we know, has a lot to hide. Read some inconvenient truths about her.

AIB Apology. Minority appeasement or a precedent?

AIB's apology has been disappointing

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