Saturday, September 18, 2021


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Watch: Citizens of France protest against Macron’s vaccine passport mandate, chant ‘freedom’, force police to retreat

Anti-vaccine passport protesters in France invaded a mall on Saturday and raised slogans of 'freedom' and forced police to retreat.

As India vaccinates over 67 crore people, Prashant Bhushan continues peddling anti-vaccine propaganda, lies about Sweden

Sweden doesn't have "zero covid", as claimed by Bhushan. It has over 27,000 active cases as on September 3 and has administered over 12 million doses of vaccines.

The problem of non-linearity: What Chetan Bhagat and other liberals keep getting wrong on India’s vaccination rates

Congratulations, Chetan. You now have Sadanand Dhume defending your intellectual contribution. And doing it more eloquently than you ever could.

No, Chetan Bhagat, you don’t get to take credit for India’s record breaking vaccination numbers

Many pointed out to Chetan Bhagat how it was inappropriate to gloat over an article that was more like rooting for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines while dismissing Indian government efforts on vaccination.

India beats previous record of highest single-day coverage, administers more than 1 crore vaccines doses in a day for second time

India on Tuesday once again administered more than 10 million vaccine doses in a single day, according to CoWin.

64 crore vaccine doses: How western media outlets had fuelled doubts and suspicions over India’s vaccination campaign

Western media outlets have been casting aspersions over India's ability to successfully vaccinate its population against COVID-19

Widespread protests across London and Paris as demonstrators take to streets against compulsory vaccine mandates and health passes

Tens of thousands of protesters swarmed the streets across London and Paris to protest against compulsory vaccine and vaccine passports

As India vaccinates 1 crore people in a day, here is how Rahul Gandhi ran a massive propaganda against India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive

Rahul Gandhi continues to spread misinformation about India's Covid-19 vaccination drive even after the country administered over 62 crore doses

Total Covid-19 vaccinations in a day cross 1 crore for the first time in India, more than 62 crore doses administered so far

According to the latest data provided in the CoWIN portal, the total doses administered on August 27 was 1,00,64,032

One-third of India’s total population vaccinated with at least one dose of COVID vaccine, UP on top of the ladder

Uttar Pradesh leads the way with almost 6.5 crore doses of coronavirus vaccines being administered.

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