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‘Skyrocketing public debt’: Maldives at ‘high risk’ of external and overall debt distress, says IMF

"Without significant policy changes, the overall fiscal deficits and public debt are projected to stay elevated, and the Maldives remains at high risk of external and overall debt distress", the IMF stated in its report.

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann engrosses himself in hosting Arvind Kejriwal and leasing a new aircraft as the state’s debt crisis worsens

Punjab is in the midst of a dire economic crisis, with its debt to GSDP ratio is highest among states, and has breached the 50 per cent mark.

US think tank: Pakistan needs to pay $77.5 billion in external debt; risk of default ‘real’

Pakistan needs to repay a massive USD 77.5 billion in external debt from April 2023 to June 2026.

Gautam Adani plans to sell stake in Ambuja cement for $450 mn to reduce debt: Report

Gautam Adani plans to divest shares of Ambuja Cement to raise roughly $450 mn and reduce debts on the group.

Sri Lanka postpones school exams as the country ran out of paper and has no foreign exchange to import

Sri Lanka postpones school exams in western province as they don't have papers to print the question papers

China’s debt-trap diplomacy? BRI participant countries owe over 385 billion USD to China in hidden debt, study reveals

China has been using "debt-trap diplomacy" to wield outsize influence on borrowing countries and coerce them into coughing up physical and illegal assets.

Chinese debt crisis: After Sri Lanka, Venezuela the next target of China’s debt-trap diplomacy?

After Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Venezuela appears to be the latest in the list of nations staggering under the shadow of China’s crippling debts.

Anti-farm law protests cause hundreds of crores of loss to toll collections, debt of thousands of crores at risk of default: ICRA

ICRA Limited reported that the average toll collection, prior to the protests, was around ₹7 crores each day.

Trouble for Pakistan increases as UAE may demand repayment of USD 3 billion loan like Saudi Arabia: Reports

It must be mentioned that UAE had also announced $3 billion worth of deferred oil payments for Pakistan but soon cancelled it.

Chinese debt trap: Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed says China’s banks not giving ‘breathing space’ even in the pandemic

Chinese Banks have asked the Maldives to pay back their debt of $15 million in the next 14 days, says Nasheed.

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