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AAP is trying to portray that the BJP is trying to sabotage their project
Divya Kakran has told the Delhi CM that even after he promised support after her Commonwealth Games success, she got no help from his government and her requests went unanswered.
If convicted, Kejriwal and Sisodia may face a jail term from one year to three years.
The IAS Association has condemned the incident through its official Twitter handle.
The troubles are rising for Arvind Kejriwal and his associates
IAS Associations of other states have come out in support of the bureaucracy in Delhi as well.
Delhi continues to reel under the Aam Aadmi Party drama
Even the governments of Odisha and Punjab are yet to give a nod
Monkeys and snakes seem to be marking proxy attendance instead.
One wonders what propaganda, what excuse, what conspiracy theory will now be invented by AAP
The government is even sitting on unused fund of Rs. 40 crore allotted for Swachh Bharat mission.
Kejriwal plays his 'common man' card to woo Chhattisgarh voters
Indian political discourse reaches new low in national capital.
Government employees assure general public that there is no stoppage of work by them
The relationship between the AAP government and the Bureaucracy has deteriorated
Media houses wrongly address civil servants, Congress aides as BJP leaders
Accusation are levied against Kejriwal for using 'filthy' abuses
AAP should be renamed Arvind Advertisement Party.
He was brutally killed by his Muslim girlfriend's family who didn't approve of this match
AAP rebel leader takes on Delhi chief Arvind Kejriwal
Delhi CM once again does what he does best - blame the LG.

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