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3 Sri Lankan convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case leave India, were staying in special camp after release from jail

Muguran, Robert and Jayakumar - all the three Sri Lankan nationals were staying in the Trichy refugee camp.

Pakistan shuts down Afghan schools as it asks 1.7 million refugees to leave country by November 1

Since October, Pakistan's interim government issued a deadline of November 1 for over 1.7 million undocumented migrants in the country to depart.

Some Indian students in Canada facing deportation receive stay orders after Canadian govt decided to postpone the action

Some Indian students in Canada have recently received stay orders on their deportation notices.

Here is why Canada is sending back over 700 students from Punjab and AAP is desperate for the Centre’s help

All these students had one thing in common - they had applied for study visas through an agent named Brijesh Mishra in Jalandhar city of Punjab.

Indian embassy in touch with agencies to detain and deport fugitive Islamist hate preacher Zakir Naik from Oman: Reports

According to News18, Indian intelligence agencies are already in contact with Oman officials in a bid to arrest Zakir Naik during his visit to Oman on March 23.

Swedish court revokes deportation of Syrian criminal who trafficked and assaulted a woman, saying he may get killed in Syria

A Swedish court revoked the deportation sentence of a Syrian refugee Majd Shhada, who has been convicted multiple times for offences such as rape, assault, theft and drug abuse.

Assam: Three Swedish preachers arrested for violating visa norms by indulging in conversion activities, to be deported

Three Swedish Christian preachers held in Assam on charges of religious conversion while on tourist visa

Kuwait: Expat Muslims including Indians who held protest against Nupur Sharma in Kuwait City to be arrested and deported

Kuwait to deport expat Muslims for holding protest rally against Nupur Sharma as foreigners are not allowed to agitate

Turkey goes bananas, to deport 7 Syrian refugees over banana eating controversy

7 Syrian refugees are set to be deported from Turkey over a banana controversy over eating bananas.

Was she deported because she was a Muslim? Here’s why the Afghan MP was deported by India and how she can come back

Afghan MP Rangina Kargar was deported not because she was a Muslim, but because she had not applied for an e-visa, introduced by Indian government in view of reports of passports and stickers visas stolen in Afghanistan

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