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Was she deported because she was a Muslim? Here’s why the Afghan MP was deported by India and how she can come back

Afghan MP Rangina Kargar was deported not because she was a Muslim, but because she had not applied for an e-visa, introduced by Indian government in view of reports of passports and stickers visas stolen in Afghanistan

Afghan politician who claimed she was deported by Indian authorities had failed to produce valid documents, say govt officials

On August 26, the Afghan politician had claimed she was deported to Istanbul from the IGI airport two hours after she reached Delhi.

Afghan woman MP Rangina Kargar who flew from Turkey to Delhi claims she was deported by authorities

Afghan MP Rangina Kargar was not on any of the evacuation flights from Kabul, Kandahar in Afghanistan but from Turkey via Dubai

Afghan national Noor Mohammed, deported from India last year after staying illegally for 10 years in Nagpur, joined Taliban: Details

Days after Taliban took control of Afghanistan, it has now come to light that an Afghan man who was earlier deported from India had joined the radical Islamist organisation.

Christian Pakistani rights activist says he may be deported back to Pakistan, was earlier attacked by Jihadists

Rahat John Austin, a Pakistani rights activist living in South Korea, said on Twitter that he might get deported and sent back to Pakistan where his life is under threat.

Prashant Bhushan files SC petition on behalf of illegal Rohingya immigrants to stop their deportation from Jammu

The application has been filed in a 2017 writ petition filed before the SC seeking protection against deportation for Rohingyas.

Tablighi Jamaat members tried to cheat the system when they entered India on a tourist visa: Here is what MHA affidavit says

From the response issued by MHA to the Supreme Court, it is evident that the members of the Tablighi Jamaat misrepresented the reasons for their visit to India

Two Pakistan High Commission officials caught spying using fake Indian identities, declared persona non grata

Delhi Police Special Cell nabbed two Pakistan High Commission officers after they were found engaged in spying using fake identities

US deports Telangana engineer Ibrahim Zubair Mohammad to India who was convicted for financing Al Qaeda leader

Terror finance convict Ibrahim Zubair Mohammad was deported to India at the end of his five year jail term in the USA

Home Ministry revokes visas of 960 foreign Tablighi Jamaat members, maybe penalised and deported

The blacklisting order will prohibit them from entering India for at least two years.

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