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Dravidian movement

So what if video is old?’ Annamalai highlights DMK’s habitual hatred against Hindi-speaking people, Biharis even as party leaders, AltNews try to whitewash

In a post on X, K Annamalai wrote, "The only response from DMK to this video of DMK MP’s slander of our friends in UP & Bihar is that this video is old. How does it change while DMK, a party built on divisive principles, continues to use such language even today? "

DMK supporter uses casteist slurs to attack singer Sivasri Skandaprasad over her old video where she promotes Indian clothing

Dr Aravind Raja, a Dravidianist and a die-hard supporter of the ruling DMK party in Tamil Nadu, took to X to target singer Sivasri Skandaprasad for promoting Indian clothing

Periyar is a criminal, should be put in lunatic asylum: Read what Jawaharlal Nehru said about DMK’s revered political icon Periyar

The Dravida Kazagham, under Periyar's leadership, had called for the killing of Brahmins and the destruction of their residential properties on November 3, 1957.

Anti-Brahmin rhetoric at the core of Dravidian movement is common, but did you know Brahmin participation in the toxicity? The story of VP Raman

What is of interest to us is the life and work of V P Raman as an example of the inability of the elite Brahmins of the time to fully comprehend the nature of the Dravidian movement. 

DMK spokesperson Rajiv Gandhi calls for genocide of Tamil Brahmins, wants to adopt Periyar’s killing model: Details

DMK party in Tamil Nadu courted controversy after its official spokesperson R. Rajiv Gandhi claimed that Tamil Brahmins should have been killed

How Dravidian separatists have proved themselves to be modern-day Nazis with the words they use for Tamil Brahmins

Tamil Brahmins have been compared with Jews often in public discourse and the Dravidian derision proves that they are the modern-day Nazis

A superstar, a murder and four Chief Ministers: Movies and the Dravidian Movement

A feature of Dravidian movement and politics since the 50s is the extraordinary influence that movies and film stars wield.

Labour And Dravidianism: History of Buckingham and Carnatic Mills Strike, the first major industrial unrest in South India

One of the major reasons for the success of the Dravidian movement is its co-option of the working class

The Life and Travails of Dr Sathiavani Muthu: A window to the experience of Dalits in the Dravidian movement

Sathiavani Muthu participated in electoral politics for 3 decades and served as Minister in the Tamil Nadu Government twice.

The Dravidian Movement and the Devadasi Abolition Act: Did a ‘Brahiminical conspiracy’ oppose reforms to the practice as alleged?

The Dravidian movement has long claimed a contribution to the Devadasi Abolition Act. But how true is their claim?

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