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energy crisis

Moldova: Protestors rally against the government over increased gas and power prices, seek Russian intervention

Moldova, strategically positioned on Ukraine's border and host to a pro-Russian breakaway area of Transnistria, is reliant on Russian gas.

Pakistan: Wedding halls to close by 10 PM, production of electric fans to be stopped as the country attempts to save electricity amidst energy...

The power division in Pakistan has said that the circular debt which stood at Pkr2.253 trillion by end of September last year had now reached Pkr2.437 trillion, the Dawn report said citing media reports.

Vladimir Putin mocks Germany’s energy crisis after its sanctions backfire. Here is what he said

Vladimir Putin held the mirror to the German government for agonising its own citizens in the hopes of 'crippling' Russia economically.

Bangladesh planning to import fuel from India as country battles energy crisis, fears of ‘another Lanka’ were raised due to Chinese meddling

Bangladesh government is considering asking India for assistance to deal with the acute fuel crisis the country is experiencing recently

As Europe battles price rise and energy crisis, European Commission approves locusts, crickets and worms as ‘food’

The European Commission which provides the approval had stated then that these insects can be sold, and marketed as snacks or food ingredients either in dried or frozen form with legs removed or in a powder form.

Spain bans ACs in commercial establishments from dropping below 27 degrees, up to 6 lakh euros fine

Spain is not the only European country to put such restrictions. During the ongoing energy crisis, other European countries like France, Germany and Lithuania have also imposed various restrictions.

As power crisis grips Pakistan, government declares ‘energy emergency’, businesses in Islamabad to close at 9 PM

Due to severe power crisis caused by heat wave, Pakistan has declared energy emergency and restricted business hours

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