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Trump administration has directed Pakistan to take sustained, verifiable and irreversible action against the perpetrators of terrorism
This was the finest hour for PM Modi and a vindication of his time and method on foreign trips even as these disgusting forces never lost a chance to haul the prime minister through the coals
Many globals powers refrained from siding with Pakistan and have defended India's right to self-defence, while also calling for restraint.
Pakistan's air chief marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan reportedly visited the forward airforce bases and interacted with the combat crew. He said, "We are a peace-loving nation but if war is imposed on us we will defend the aerial frontiers of our motherland at every cost."
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman addressed a joint conference pledging to work together to curb terrorism and extremism.
India met the Ambassadors of Ambassadors of UAE, Iran, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Morocco, Egypt and Kuwait. 
China condemned the Pulwama Terrorist attack but has refused to change its stance on Masood Azhar
Many from the foreign diplomatic corps intend to meet Gandhi to get an assessment about his “foreign policy approach”.
PM Modi has assured PM Tshering that India will continue to play an important role in Bhutan's development like a trusted friend
The Chabahar project provides excellent connectivity opportunity to countries like Iran, Afghanistan and most importantly, bypasses the Pakistan land corridors and Karachi port to transport goods to the Central Asia region
The report also says that the Taliban and the Haqqani network continue to retain freedom of movement in Pakistan.
India considers Kashmir an integral part of India and does not recognise any PoK 'ministers'
Italy, which was supposed to host the event in 2022, accepted India's request to allow it to host in 2022.
The US government's announcement is third such RFJ reward offer seeking information regarding the perpetrators of Mumbai terror attack.
Male Foreign Minister is expected to visit India on 26th November to work on improving bilateral relations.
Earlier, The US President Donald Trump had launched a scathing attack on Pakistan for deliberately not acting against the Islamic terrorist forces operating on its soil.
India has called it a violation of “India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
Kiren Rijiju's presence in the bilateral security meeting hints at the refusal of the Indian government to concede to China's claims anymore.
The Indian government has decided to dispatch two Indian Air Force transport aircraft and three Indian Navy ships
The CRA has alleged that ISNA-Canada has directly donated $90,000 to Kashmiri terror groups and another $46,000 indirectly via other groups.
The proposed agreement will enhance connectivity to the land-locked region of the North-East.
This is not the first time ThePrint's ethics are questioned
The ground realities are way different than what is touted by Indian media
Many also asserted that the Prime Minister is being "petty" because the BJP doesn't rule Kerala.
The lakhs of followers of Atal Bihari Vajpayee across the world, are mourning for loss of their leader
The Narendra Modi led foreign policy has yielded substantial results in terms of India's strategic calculations
PM Modi is to give 200 cows in Rwanda during his tour of 3 African nations
Taiwan has called out this order by China as 'bullying' to achieve its 'political objectives'.
The amount of hatred built inside of Shekhar and his ilk are way too repelling now.
India-US relations for the moment are several notches down than they have ever been since Trump came to power.

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