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Liberals accuse PM Modi of ‘polarising’ Independence Day by remembering horrors of partition: Here’s why they are so angry

Narendra Modi announced on Friday that the 14th of August, henceforth, shall be recognized as 'Partition Horrors Remembrance Day'.

Christian genocide in Nigeria: Locals lament their lives don’t matter for western media as Islamists kill 22 farmers in yet another attack

Local Christian groups in Nigeria allege that state and federal government are in cahoots with the Islamists in pogrom against them

Netflix wants you to believe that we are living in some ‘Hindu dystopia’, but here’s the real dystopia we live in

When Netflix, the gold standard of today’s popular culture, started making original content in India, three of their very first productions were Sacred Games, Ghoul and Leila.

China’s sh*t talker-in-chief Chen Weihua tells US Senator to ‘send the troops’ after he accused China of genocide

Chen Weihua, associated with Chinese state-affiliated media China Daily, on Wednesday asked US Senator Tom Cotton to 'send the troops'.

British MPs approve parliamentary motion to boycott the ‘Genocide Games’, the Winter Olympics to be hosted by China next year

The British MPs passed a motion called on the British government to not send any representatives to the Winter Olympics to be held in China

Canada: British Columbia tribe announces discovery of another 160 unmarked graves near site of defunct missionary school

The residential schools were run by the Church, with funding from the federal government of Canada.

‘You natives, be grateful that your children died as Christians, not pagans’: American Conservative magazine tells indigenous people in Canada

The article goes on to defend the residential school system altogether. It actually asserts that 'it was necessary to convert native people into Christianity because otherwise, "their souls could not have been saved."

Crimes of the Church: Canada’s residential schools where countless indigenous children suffered, died and were forgotten

Unmarked graves of 182 people found close to former St. Eugene's Mission School in Cranbrook.

‘We have economic ties with China, they are good neighbours’: Pakistan PM Imran Khan when probed about Uyghur Muslims

“We have economic ties with China, China is our neighbor. They've been very good to us in our most difficult times", Khan said to CBC in an interview.

Did porn star Mia Khalifa use an alt account ‘SarahJoe93’ to call for genocide of Israelis on Twitter? Here is what we know

Mia Khalifa entered professional porn industry in October 2014, months after 'Sarah Joe' called for genocide of Israelis on Twitter.

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