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Giorgia Meloni

PM Modi lands in Italy for G7 summit, says India looks forward to addressing global challenges and fostering cooperation

"Landed in Italy to take part in the G7 Summit. Looking forward to engaging in productive discussions with world leaders. Together, we aim to address global challenges and foster international cooperation for a brighter future," PM Modi posted on X.

European Parliament elections: Right wing parties gain ground across Europe, French president Macron dissolves parliament after results

The European Parliament elections also came as a shocker for left-liberal parties in Belgium and Germany as well. Meanwhile, Italy’s Georgia Meloni has emerged as the “kingmaker”.

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni sues creators of deep fake video for defamation, will appear in court to seek €100,000 in damages

Meloni is scheduled to appear personally and provide testimony on July 2 in a court in Sassari, in Italy's Sardinia region, as reported by BBC.

Canada: Justin Trudeau’s event with Italian PM Giorgia Meloni in Toronto cancelled as they could not enter the venue due to pro-Palestine protests

An event in Toronto where Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was scheduled to host his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni, was cancelled after hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the venue

‘Islam is incompatible with Europian culture’: 5-year-old video of Italian PM Giorgia Meloni goes viral, reported as recent statement

In that video, Meloni was referring to a previous statement by another conservative leader Matteo Salvini. Salvini, referring to the Cologne mass sexual attacks and Berlin terrorist attack, had said that Islam is incompatible with European values. Salvni is a leader of Italy's Lega Nord party.

‘This is going to break the internet’: #Melodi trend sweeps X by storm after Italian PM Giorgia Meloni shares selfie with PM Modi

Italian PM Giorgio Meloni on Friday shared a selfie with Indian PM Modi, sending the internet into a tizzy over the picture of two heads of states.

Italy did not get the expected results from the Belt and Road deal with China, says Italian Foreign Minister

The controversial investment deal with China under the Belt and Road Initiative has failed to meet Rome's expectations, the Italian Foreign Minister said

Israel: Car rammed into tourists in Tel Aviv in suspected terror attack, one dead and seven injured

The 45-year-old Yousef Abu Jaber, a native of Kafr Qassem, has been identified as the man involved in the Tel Aviv attack. He has no past record of security violations.

‘PM Modi is the most loved global leader’: Italian PM Giorgia Meloni lauds PM Modi as the two countries decide to strengthen bilateral ties

PM Modi also laid emphasis on the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ initiatives and outlined the various sectors in which the two countries will bolster their multi-faceted partnership.

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