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Global South

“I am smart enough to have multiple options…,” says EAM Jaishankar at Munich Security Conference, PM Modi lauds India’s ‘strong’ foreign policy

If I am smart enough to have multiple options, you should be admiring me. Is that a problem for others? I don't think so, suddenly in this case. We try to explain what are the different pulls and pressures that countries have. it's very hard to have that unidimensional relationship," Jaishankar said.

India and the UN launch a joint capacity-building initiative for the Global South by sharing India’s experiences, best practices and expertise

India and the United Nations have launched a joint “India-UN Capacity Building Initiative” that aims to share India’s development experiences, best practices and expertise with partner countries in the Global South

‘It is still a world of double standards’: External Affairs Minister Jaishankar criticises Global North

S Jaishankar said that the Global North is exercising double standards and resisting change as they occupy positions of influence

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