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Hardeep Singh Puri

Watch: TMC MP snatches paper from IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and tears it to pieces on the floor of Rajya Sabha

While Inion IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw was reading is response regarding the Pegasus controversy, TMC MP Shantanu Sen snatched the papers and tore them up.

Saket Gokhale voluntarily deletes tweets he vowed not to voluntarily delete, all tweets on Lakshmi Puri removed: Details

Rahul Gandhi fanboy Saket Gokhale has deleted the tweets where he made unfounded allegations against Lakshmi Puri.

Delhi HC directs Congress supporter Saket Gokhale to delete defamatory tweets against ex-IFS officer Lakshmi Puri, restrains him from repeating

Delhi HC asked Twitter to take down Gokhale's tweets against Puri if he fails to do it with 24 hours.

‘Any Tom, Dick and Harry can write anything?’ Here is how Delhi HC came down on Congress supporter Saket Gokhale over defamatory tweets

During the hearing, the Delhi High Court asked Congress supporter Saket Gokhale about how could he be vilifying people as he did to Lakshmi M Puri.

Former IFS officer Lakshmi M Puri sends legal notice to Congress supporter Saket Gokhale for misleading allegations against her

Alleged activist and Congress mouthpiece Saket Gokhale made baseless allegations against Lakshmi M Puri, wife of Hardeep Singh Puri

Harsh Mander, Julio Ribeiro, Jawhar Sircar and more: Here’s the entire list of retired civil servants Hardeep Singh Puri called ‘Padhe Likhe Murkh’

Hardeep Singh Puri slammed former civil servants for endorsing a letter that called for the halting of Central Vista Project.

‘Padhe likhe moorkh’: Union Minister Hardeep S Puri’s reply to ex-IAS officers over Central Vista is going viral. Watch

Puri said, “These are not educated fools but a disgrace to the country.” He further added, “I will not put my signatures on a letter that talks about superstitious belief.”

Vinod Dua’s daughter, who wanted all ‘bhakts’ dead, receives help from a ‘bhakt’ MP while her mother needed critical COVID medicines

BJP supporters lodged their protest about minister chipping in to help the elites in India, when commoners are equally suffering, especially when the elites have not asked for their help.

‘Are you a spokesman of those pushing false narrative’: Watch as Hardeep Puri gives Rajdeep Sardesai a quick lesson in journalism

Puri advises Rajdeep Sardesai to try and isolate people who speak with a forked tongue and behave like an objective anchor

Filmmaker Navjot Gulati claims airport security ‘refused’ to search him over farmer protest. Here is what minister of civil aviation said

After filmmaker Navjot Gulati claimed airport security ‘refused’ to search him, civil aviation minister wanted to know which officer did it

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