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Thiruvananthapuram: Seven students of Govt Medical College seek permission to wear hijab-like PPE inside OR to ‘maintain modesty’. What we know

Seven female students of Thiruvananthapuram Govt Medical College have reportedly sought permission to wear hijab-like attire inside the operation theatre.

Tilak and Kalava prohibited in the Damoh school where hijab controversy erupted, now NCPCR takes cognisance of distorted Indian map as well

The NCPCR stated that during the investigation, the students confirmed that they were forced to follow Islamic religious practices and wear hijab at the school. Further, the school was using a wrong geographical map of India.

Damoh Hijab Case: District Education Officer to be removed for giving clean chit to Ganga Jamuna School, action against Collector also confirmed

Confirming the DEO's negative involvement in the case, Minister Inder Singh Parmar said, “Prima facie information that is coming out that the District Education Officer (DEO) has given wrong information, that is why the DEO is guilty."

Madhya Pradesh: Ink thrown on Damoh Education Officer for giving clean chit to Ganga Jamuna school in hijab controversy

The students at the school were asked to recite three Islamic prayers followed by the National Anthem during the assembly every day.

European Union’s top court rules hijab can be banned at work, says ban not discriminatory and unlawful if it is part of a broader...

Court of Justice of the European Union said that hijab can be banned at workplaces and it does not violate EU laws

Karnataka Hijab case: Two-judge bench of the Supreme Court delivers a split verdict, matter to be placed before the CJI

The two-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India delivered a split verdict on the Karnataka hijab case.

Karnataka govt argues in SC that like cow slaughter on Eid, Hijab not covered under Article 25, objects to claims of religious right

Muslim side in the hijab case in Supreme Court claimed that hijab is a religious right guaranteed under Article 25

Neither ‘Dara Hua’ nor ‘Jai Bheem’: As Muslim side declares Ambedkar’s views on Hijab ‘offensive’ in SC, it’s time for a reality check

Supreme Court is hearing petitions challenging Karnataka HC order banning Hijab in educational institutes

Hijab hearing in SC: Muslim parties cancel Dr Ambedkar’s statement quoted in HC judgement, call it ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘biased’

“Ambedkar’s statement, although he was a pillar, is a deeply offensive statement. It is not a statement that should be repeated in India, great though he may have been. (It was a) totally biased statement,” senior advocate Gonsalves, representing some of the Muslim girls, said to SC.

Hijab hearing in SC: Petitioners say Hijab is innocent but saffron scarf is belligerent practice of religion, claim HC misinterpreted Quran

Advocate Nizamuddin Pasha argued that Hijab is mandatory in Islam and cited Quranic verses in the Supreme Court

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