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Collusion, planning to attack Adani for profits? Hindenburg shared report on Adani with China-linked hedge fund 2 months before publication: SEBI notice reveals

As per reports, Hindenburg had shared its report on Adani with their client two months prior to publication, enabling them to obtain 'unfair' profits from the stock price movements in a brokered deal using the report.

Blame game starts between Hindenburg and Kotak Bank: After short-seller claims Kotak created and oversaw fund to bet against Adani, Kotak denies claims

Hindenburg said created and oversaw the offshore fund structure used by its investor partner to bet against Adani.

Adani, Rafale and more: How opposition creates empty noise over baseless issues to disrupt parliament and mislead the public

It is important to note that in all these baseless issues lies one underlying thing – to target the incorruptible image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hindenburg’s allegations ‘irrelevant’: US govt says on $553 million loan to Adani group for Sri Lanka port project

The US official confirmed that the DFC was satisfied with its due diligence as it found no relevance in Hindenburg's allegations of Adani pulling off supposed corporate malpractices.

‘Don’t have to accept Hindenburg report as correct, easy to make allegations, no reason to doubt SEBI’: SC reserves judgment in Adani-Hindenburg case

Adani Hindenburg case: No material to doubt SEBI probe & impartiality of expert committee members, says supreme court, reserves judgment

Adani-Hindenburg row: Supreme Court expert panel report finds no regulatory failure

The committee also acknowledged Adani Group's efforts to comfort their investors. The committee also noted that there were short-selling profits made by entities after the Hindenburg report was published and that it should be probed.

SC may consider a three-month extension to SEBI for concluding its enquiry in the Hindenburg research report

Mauritius has refuted claims that the Adani Group's Shell companies are present in the Island country, an allegation that Congress has repeatedly used to target the Indian conglomerate

Will the ‘Chinese national’ who Rahul Gandhi is talking about please stand up?

Rahul Gandhi has yet again floated conspiracy theories based on his very limited understanding of how businesses work. He should read up more if he does not want to end with an egg on his face.

Adani-Hindenburg row: Supreme Court asks SEBI to conclude investigation in 2 months, constitutes committee to review the regulatory framework

SC has asked SEBI to investigate whether the Adani Group of companies have violated Section 19 of SEBI rules and whether there was any manipulation of stock prices

Nothing for BJP to hide or be afraid of, says Amit Shah on Adani-Hindenburg controversy

The Hindenburg-Adani row has turned into a major political controversy with the Congress and other opposition parties making allegations of favouritism and crony capitalism against the government.

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