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Illegal Migrants

‘New York is buckling under the load’: Elon Musk says social services going to collapse in USA as millions of illegals are coming while...

Assuming the role of a "citizen journalist" Elon Musk asked Tony Gonzales if the "all-time high" in the number of illegal immigrants entering Texas through the border, is normal or if the country is seeing a crisis.

30,000 illegal Bangladeshi migrants were brought and settled in Moradabad prior to the 1980 riots, Congress govt remained indifferent: Eyewitness reveals

One of the eyewitnesses to the 1980 Moradabad Riots, asserted that the violence was an obvious consequence of the vote bank and Muslim appeasement politics the then Congress government, both in the state and the centre, had been practising

Tired of love and land jihad, Hindus in Uttarakhand take to the streets to protest: OpIndia ground report from Purola

OpIndia went to the Purola town in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, to investigate the facts in order to dispel the 'Muslim under attack' narrative being peddled by the leftist media in the wake of the May 26 incident which involved the attempted abduction of a minor Hindu girl by accused Uved Khan

Mizoram approves temporary shelters for Kuki-Chin-Mizo refugees from Bangladesh who entered India: Here is why they fled

A meeting of the Mizoram Cabinet expressed sympathy for the migrants, who are from the Kuki Chin Mizo communities.

‘Rohingyas are illegal foreigners to be deported, no EWS flats for them’: Home Ministry clarifies after Union Minister’s tweet triggers outrage

"Govt of Delhi proposed to shift the Rohingyas to a new location. Illegal foreigners are to be kept in Detention Centre till their deportation as per law", the HMO noted on August 17.

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