Saturday, September 18, 2021



Indian Railways to offer massage services for passengers in trains departing from Indore

The service would commence within 15-20 days in 39 trains departing from Indore.

Unhappy with the doctor’s treatment, Indore man Rafiq Rasheed murders doctor’s wife and injures his son

Rafiq Rasheed killed Dr. Ramkrishna Verma's wife because the doctor's treatment on his skin disease was not working

FIR for MCC violation against temple priest and BJP candidate for offering saffron and green cloth at Khajrana Ganesh Temple

Indore police have lodged an FIR against BJP MP candidate Shankar Lalwani and the priest of Khajrana Ganesh temple alleging that the offering of saffron and green cloth and lotus flowers was a violation of the MCC.

Congress leader Ashwin Joshi threatens to beat BJP supporters, harass people to ‘send a message’

He asked his party workers to harass people who deceived the party so that a message is sent as to "what happens with them who cheat us".

Madhya Pradesh: Madarsa teacher arrested for sexually assaulting a minor student

Accounts of such horrors have become a constant with the Madarsa's

Don’t be stupid, or OpIndia will do a report on you

The PM of India should totally be answerable for seating arrangements in religious events and viewing angles chosen by photographers, because, why not?

Maulana Kasim caught in Indore for sexually assaulting several children

Two of the crimes were reportedly committed just last month.

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