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ISIS module case: As Saquib gets arrested after years on bail, read how his ‘relative’ Areeb, who left India to join ISIS, has also...

According to reports, Saquib Nachan has been at the helm of carrying out 3 bomb blasts within a span of 4 months (6th December 2002 to 13th March 2003).

Libya: 23 Jihadis sentenced to death, 14 to life imprisonment for their participation in an ISIS attack

A Libyan court has sentenced 23 people to death and 14 others to life imprisonment for their participation in a fatal ISIL (ISIS) campaign that included killing a group of Egyptians and capturing the city of Sirte in 2015, Al Jazeera reported. 

Significant numbers of ISIS terrorists present in Kerala and Karnataka: UN Report on terrorism

The UN report warns that ISIL Indian affiliate (Hind Wilayah) has about 180 to 200 active members.

Kerala HC decides that ‘supporting ISIS ideology does not amount to waging war against Asiatic ally of India’

Freedom of Expression is a complicated matter. Hopefully, people who read this article will get it now.

Does joblessness and poverty really fuel terrorism?

There are studies that suggest there's little link between them.

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