Friday, May 14, 2021



Restructure Pakistan into multiple autonomous states or face an existential threat: Pakistan’s minority leader Nadeem Nusrat

Nadeem Nusrat said that in the history of the last 72 years, particularly after the creation of Bangladesh, it has been proven that Pakistan cannot become a nation-state, mainly due to Punjab's hegemony over other ethnic groups.

Pakistan has no moral right on Kashmir, first provide same rights to own ethnic minorities: Pakistan minority leader Nadeem Nusrat

"While Pakistan demands right to a referendum in Kashmir, is it willing to grant the same right to its own disgruntled ethnic minorities?" questioned Mohajir leader.

Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan, US government tells London court

The FBI in London court said that Dawood is running his international crime syndicate from Karachi in Pakistan.

Attack on Chinese consulate in Pakistan, two policemen killed

Balochistan Liberation Army has claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Survey says living in Bengaluru is cheaper than living in Karachi

Bangalore was placed as the 5th cheapest city in the world; cheaper than Karachi in terms of the cost of living

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