Saturday, April 10, 2021


Madhya Pradesh

MP EVM controversy mostly a result of low IQ journalists and vile politicians

The whole case of ‘faulty’ EVM is increasingly turning out a case of misreporting and propaganda.

Kejriwal spreads another lie in desperation to prove EVM tampering

An unreliable news about EVM machine voting BJP was shared by the AAP supremo multiple times

Sunderlal Patwa – journey of the man who helped build the BJP in Madhya Pradesh

A profile of the former Chief Minister of MP who died on December 28, 2016.

Digvijaya Singh to be questioned in a 719 cr scam that happened while he was CM

During Digvijaya Singh's tenure as Madhya Pradesh CM, a scam to the tune of 719 crore rupees took place.

Thousands attend funerals of SIMI terrorists killed in police encounter

After some politicians and activists painted the terrorists as innocent civilians, this was expected.

For MSM, “VYAPAM deaths” are the new “Communal attacks on Churches”

Media reporting on VYAPAM deaths is dubious

Why SC must reconsider and take VYAPAM case out of Madhya Pradesh

Due to various factors, the judicial process must move out of Madhya Pradesh to ensure that justice is served.

Times of India makes a Shia-Sunni riot appear like a Hindu-Muslim riot

Indian media is known to report communal violence in a way that Hindus always appear oppressors, but now they are aiming to reach new levels.

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