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Left with nothing after the brutal partition of India, read how Kumari Jethi T Sipahimalani spearheaded the resettlement of the Sindhi community in Mumbai

That the Sindhis were an economically, politically, and even socially developed community is reflected in the life story of Kumari Jethi Tulsidas Sipahimalani.

After Mahim mazar, MNS demands the demolition of illegal dargah in Panvel

MNS asserted that the encroachment onto the hill began 15 years ago and that the "dargah" is a threat to national security because it is close to the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Mumbai: BMC brings bulldozer to demolish illegal construction around Mazar at Mahim coast after MNS chief warns to build Ganesh temple there

The Mahim Dargah Trust however took cognizance of the incident and said that the 'illegal dargah' as alleged by Thackeray is 600 years old.

Mumbai: Indian Railways deploy RPF personnel to dissuade people from defecating and throwing garbage on railway tracks

Open defecation is an unceasing problem at a number of suburban stations and railway tracks in Mumbai

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